Inside Buckingham Palace's Decision To Release Such Limited Information About The Queen's Health

Queen Elizabeth's COVID-19 diagnosis has royal watchers worldwide worried about her health. The 95-year-old British monarch is so beloved that some conspiracy theorists blame Prince Charles and Camilla for giving her the virus, even claiming it may have been on purpose. One of the queen's fans tweeted, "Hoping Her Majesty recovers quickly from COVID ... because my mental health is garbage enough as it is without having to contemplate Charles and Camilla becoming king and queen consort."

Conspiracies aside, it's been an awful year for Elizabeth; losing her husband, Prince Philip, was a huge blow after over 70 years of marriage. ABC News reported the royal couple married on November 20, 1947 at Westminster Abbey. Philip and Elizabeth's relatively quiet life turned upside-down when she was crowned queen after her father's death. On top of losing her long-term husband, the rumored feud between Prince William and Prince Harry likely worries her.

Of course, Meghan Markle and Harry's infamous interview with Oprah turned up the heat between the battling princes. But the most recent crisis in Elizabeth's world was the sordid scandal surrounding Prince Andrew, who some say is her "favorite" son. NBC News reported the queen was forced to strip Andrew of his military titles and patronages in January, to limit more damage to "The Firm." While her son finally settled his civil case with Virginia Giuffre for an undisclosed amount, the controversy surrounding Andrew has continued to swirl.

However, now, some are wondering if Buckingham Palace is trying to hide information about the beloved monarch.

Why is there so little info about Queen Elizabeth's health?

After Queen Elizabeth's COVID-19 diagnosis, some grumbled that Buckingham Palace was being "secretive" about her majesty's health. But Buckingham Palace aides told CNN that they refuse to give a "running commentary" on the queen's medical condition. The palace believes members of the royal family have a right to patient confidentiality. News reports that Elizabeth canceled virtual meetings created negative headlines about her health. But even virtual meetings are taxing when sick! In addition, CNN noted that the 95-year-old has some "mobility" issues likely due to feeling stiff.

Buckingham Palace is putting a positive spin on Elizabeth's health, but behind the scenes, some are worried. "It's a drip-feed of negativity for the monarchy," one palace insider told People. "I've not known such a tumultuous time as this." The queen's COVID-19 diagnosis added to the family scandals and her royal duties is a lot. The royal insider confessed, "It just feels to be one thing after another for the queen. It's going to take a toll."

The social media machine doesn't help matters; rumors flying around social media about Elizabeth's death have increased worries about the beloved monarch. Perhaps we should all put our worries into wishes for the queen to get better!