Kate Middleton's Best Hairstyles

There are quite a few reasons Kate Middleton is able to spark headlines and pique the public's interest on a regular basis. Along with her official duties as a senior royal, which involve countless appearances around the world, and her roles within her family, which includes three children, she's evolved into a style icon over the years. Not only does the Duchess of Cambridge know how to pick a perfectly put-together outfit for every occasion, but she also knows how to pair that with the ideal accessories, makeup, and hairstyle.

As for the latter, Kate's hair tends to be so stunning that fans are usually eager to see how she's styled it and want to know how she achieves such a magnificent mane. Well, it turns out that a lot of it has to do with what's become known as the "Chelsea Blow Dry," according to People. Richard Ward, who acts as Kate's hairdresser, explained, "It's not just about Kate's hair — it is beautifully finished, frizz-free, shiny hair ... It's a hairstyle that is well finished."

While that has become what People deems Kate's "signature look," she definitely tends to change things up when she pleases — like when she's supposedly trying to distract the media from a pregnancy or having her official 40th birthday portrait taken. We've taken the time to track down and highlight some of Kate's best hairstyles, and there's no doubt you'll adore each and every one!

1. Kate's pre-royal hair was on-point

Even before Kate Middleton joined the royal family, her hair was always on-point and on-trend. Just take a look at her straight strands that were partly swept back and pinned behind a fabulous fascinator. This was back in 2005 while attending the wedding of friends Rose Astor and Hugh van Cutsem, per PopSugar.

2. Kate Middleton's elegant engagement hairstyle

When Kate Middleton and Prince William announced they were engaged in November 2010, Kate chose a look that was elegant from head-to-toe. That included a hairstyle that suited the occasion, as well as both her role as a future member of the royal family and the potential future queen.

3. Kate's wedding hair was topped with a tiara

In April 2011, Kate Middleton married Prince William in a remarkable royal wedding seen all around the world. Kate was a stunning bride, who opted to wear her hair mostly down with loose curls, though partially pulled back and topped with both a veil and the queen's Cartier Halo tiara, per Tatler.

4. Kate Middleton's striking and intricate chignon

There's no doubt that Kate Middleton is famous for the stunning length of her hair that's usually worn down. However, for formal occasions, she often opts for updos, particularly an intricate chignon, like this striking style that she wore in 2012 while attending an event at the Royal Albert Hall.

5. Kate Middleton's charming pearl chignon

Kate Middleton's chignon styles are stunning on their own, thanks to the twists, loops, and folds that they feature. Yet, while at a tea party in 2012 during a stop in Malaysia, she decided to use what appeared to be small pearls to accent the look.

6. Kate's casual yet gorgeous curls

When Kate Middleton embraced thick, bouncy, and casual curls during a trip to Tavanipupu Island in 2012, her hair was still absolutely gorgeous and totally enviable. Just look at that volume!

7. Kate Middleton's memorable post-birth look

It would be more than understandable if Kate Middleton's hair had been a bit disheveled after the birth of her first son Prince George in July 2013. Yet, she stepped out with hair that was relaxed and brushed to perfection. She opted for a similar look after both Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were born.

8. Kate's ringlets for Remembrance Day

The British holiday Remembrance Day is always a serious occasion and the royal family is sure to show their respects each year. Kate Middleton definitely chose an appropriate look for that reason in November 2013 when she wore a hat with long ringlets.

9. Kate Middleton's fancy half-up hairstyle

Kate Middleton ended up learning how to make a plate during an appearance in 2015, although her hairstyle might have suggested that she was attending a fancier event. With her hair partly down, the section that was kept up was gorgeously arranged before hanging in delicately curled strands.

10. The duchess can even pull off bangs

Whether you call them "bangs" or know them as "fringe," Kate Middleton certainly had that style in September 2015. Reaching down to the top of her cheekbones, the side bangs helped draw attention to Kate's eyes.

11. Kate's bangs were the center of attention

Kate Middleton was also willing to bring her bangs to the forefront. With her hair partly brushed back, her fringe was combed down the front of her forehead. Although it wasn't a look that she stuck with for the long-term, it definitely was one that looked amazing.

12. Kate Middleton perfected a relatable style

Kate Middleton knows when it's best for her to look professional yet relatable. In August 2016, she appeared in a video that promoted mental health while her hair was worn down with some strands pulled back. While it's a style that many people wear, of course Kate's hair was perfect and featured an extra twist in the back.

13. Kate's sophisticated chignon for Pippa's wedding

Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa, married James Matthews in May 2017 and obviously the Duchess of Cambridge was in attendance. Wearing a chignon as she often does, on this occasion, Kate picked something that was almost braided into itself in a sophisticated design that suited her role as the older sibling.

14. Kate Middleton's short hair bounces beautifully

We may never see Kate Middleton with a pixie cut like the late Princess Diana, however, she has tried out somewhat shorter hair. Back in July 2017, Kate was spotted in Poland with a style that's shorter than she often has and boasted big, bouncy curls below her ears.

15. Kate's faux bob was a respectful look

When Kate Middleton appeared in a respectfully solemn outfit during another Remembrance Day service in November 2017, she wore her hair in a style that she's not often seen in. Along with a rather large hat, she had her hair in a faux bob.

16. Kate's heavenly hair with a pearl-covered headband

Kate Middleton wore her hair down for Prince George's christening and her hair up when Princess Charlotte was christened. When it was Prince Louis' turn to be christened in 2018, Kate again opted for an updo — or a low chignon, to be exact — with a gorgeous headband that featured pearls and a flowery accent.

17. Kate's chic first-day-of-school style

By September 2019, it was time for Princess Charlotte to attend school. While the new student was accompanied by her older brother and both parents, Kate's hair — which was styled with a mostly center, slightly angled part and was relatively straight with a bit of a curl at the ends — flowed in the breeze.

18. The duchess' stunning straight hair

At the beginning of 2021, Kate Middleton was clearly feeling the need for a new hairstyle. That's apparently why she opted for a straight style with one side kept tucked behind her ear. The style was so flattering, that she kept it around until spring.

19. Kate's windswept hair was whimsical

In April 2021, Kate Middleton and Prince William released a video that marked their 10-year anniversary. While the couple spent time outside with their three children in the various clips, Kate's whimsically windswept hair looked simply incredible.

20. Kate's hair grew super-long during the pandemic

In May 2021, Kate Middleton was still showing up with her relatively straight hairstyle. However, after months of letting her hair grow (or adding extensions?) during the coronavirus pandemic, the style was all about her lusciously lengthy strands that were definitely a few inches longer than we've seen in the past.

21. Kate Middleton's summery highlights

Summer is the perfect time to opt for a lighter hair color. Kate Middleton is well aware of that fact, which is surely why she added some subtle yet sunny highlights to her hair in June 2021.

22. Kate's fancy updo for the No Time to Die premiere

As seen above, Phoebe Waller-Bridge showed up to the "No Time to Die" premiere in September 2021 with hair that was sleek and slick. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, appeared with a fancy updo that was looped and pinned in just the right spots and truly suited her regal gown.

23. Kate Middleton's wavy hair made waves

Kate Middleton created a buzz in November 2021 during a visit to the Royal Variety Performance, thanks to her wavy hairstyle. Worn long and loose, she kept her strands pulled over her one shoulder in a way that brought the stunning style to the forefront of her look.

24. The duchess' holiday hair glowed

Just two days before Christmas in 2021, Kate Middleton appeared in a video while delivering a special holiday message. With hair that was showing how much it had grown throughout the year (or, again, possibly featured extensions), it absolutely glowed while hanging down in almost-golden waves.

25. Kate Middleton's dark hair was delightful

Kate Middleton celebrates her birthday each year on January 9, if you weren't aware. In 2022, that date marked her 40th birthday and not long after, she showed up with her hair dyed a darker shade of brown than we usually see on her, which looked just as sensational as every other shade she's tried.