Fans Have Strong Reactions To Kim Kardashian's Un-Retouched Oscar Photos

For anybody living under a rock (no pun intended), the 2022 Academy Awards were controversial, to say the least. The biggest scandal stemmed from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock across the face. Rock had made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith — who has alopecia – appearing in a remake of "G.I. Jane" (Demi Moore, who starred in the original, shaved all her hair off for the role).

So, Kim Kardashian almost slipped under the red carpet for the night — aside from the usual pondering of, "Why is she attending the Oscars?" The U.S. Sun answered that question. Kim only went to the Vanity Fair party. She didn't attend the actual Oscars ceremony, despite a sort of, kind of misleading Insta post implying otherwise. However, despite Kim not physically being inside the hallowed Hollywood and Highland Dolby Theater, she was there in name.

As Deadline reported, the reality maven was roasted by the show's cohost Wanda Sykes when she offered condolences to Dame Judi Dench for missing out on an Oscar. "A quote from Kim Kardashian ... work harder. That's what we need you to do," she said, referencing Kim's recent cringe comment controversy. However, there were still plenty of pics of Kim from the night. The red carpet photos were obviously not photoshopped, though — and everybody knows how Kim loves her some photoshop. So, not surprisingly, some fans have strong reactions to Kim's unretouched Oscars photos.

Kim Kardashian's red carpet pics sparked opinions

Fans reacted to Kim Kardashian's unretouched pics posted on various websites after the Oscars afterparty. Her skin is caked in makeup, and bumps and open pores are visible. It should be noted, the photos were taken under bright lighting by high-definition cameras — which, let's face it, are nobody's friend.

Per The U.S. Sun, fans complained that pics Kim posted herself later that night had been given the "smoothing" treatment. People duked it out online in a subreddit titled, "Kim Kardashian should go easy on the Photoshop." Many took umbrage over presenting unrealistic beauty standards by making skin look flawless. However, the Mirror reported that other fans had a very different reaction. They opined that the natural, bare-faced selfies that Kim posted looked way better than heavy makeup red carpet pics. And, who knows, some of those selfies may not have been photoshopped!

It's been noted repeatedly that Kim is believed to be a serial photoshop offender – but hey, who actually lives their real, authentic life on social media? That would just be kind of depressing. However, forget Kim's skin for one minute. As the New York Post reported, her penchant for photoshopping her body to fit her idea of "perfection" has been seriously damaging. Toronto's York University found that altering body shots to create "slim-thick" appearances increased body dysmorphia and dissatisfaction among young girls and women. The study name checks both Kim and her sister Kylie Jenner.