Royal Photographer Claims He Was Told Not To Photograph Controversial Moment At Philip's Memorial

Queen Elizabeth is currently in the midst of celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, but much of the focus from royal watchers has been about concerns regarding her health. The queen has missed several important engagements over the past six months due to a bad back, COVID-19 diagnosis, and mobility issues. As per the Daily Mail, Elizabeth has been making modifications about how she travels around Windsor Castle by obtaining a new golf cart that would lessen the time she spends walking.

The golf cart seems to have helped Elizabeth because she was seen back on her feet during Prince Philip's memorial service on March 29. According to Bloomberg, special arrangements were made for her during the service, including having her enter through a side door so she didn't have to walk down the long aisle, as well as keeping the service under an hour.

While the service was arguably a success, one photographer has revealed that Elizabeth's decision to have Prince Andrew escort her nearly caused him a massive headache.

Royal photographer was ordered to not photograph Queen Elizabeth with her son

Prior to Queen Elizabeth's arrival at Westminster Abbey for Prince Philip's memorial service on March 29, Buckingham Palace tried to prevent a photographer from snapping her — and her escort Prince Andrew — until she was seated. Richard Pohle, staff photographer at The Times, shared in the newspaper that the event started in a "high state of panic" because of the decision. However, Pohle "balked at the order" after he learned that Andrew — who has withdrawn from public life and had his royal titles stripped because of his sexual assault case (which he settled and had to pay an undisclosed sum) — would be escorting the queen.

"I was responsible for still photography for the entire media and would be in a hell of a lot of trouble if there was blanket TV coverage of the queen openly showing support for Prince Andrew but no photographs," Pohle wrote, referencing the memorial service being broadcast live on BBC. Buckingham Palace eventually dropped the order and allowed him to snap the photos. Pohle said he had to position himself in the perfect spot to get the shots of Elizabeth holding Andrew's arm for support, which turned out to be "the main picture from the ceremony that the news outlets were looking for."

Elizabeth's decision to have Andrew escort her into the service has drawn backlash worldwide, but royal commentator Robert Jobson told People that the queen "insisted" on having her favorite son be a part of the emotional day because she still has "faith" in him.