Gilbert Gottfried's Tweet About Bob Saget's Death Is Even More Heartbreaking Now

On the afternoon of April 12, beloved comedian Gilbert Gottfried died after his long battle with the genetic disease, myotonic dystrophy type II. This illness affects the muscles in the heart, which is unfortunately what caused Gottfried's death.

With his unique voice and unmatched energy, Gottfried's presence was heavily revered in the comedy community over the course of his 50-year long career. In the aftermath of the Gottfried family's shocking announcement, swaths of his fans and friends took to social media to give their condolences and reminisce on Gottfried's great talent. Fellow comedian Jon Stewart reacted to the sad news in a tweet that said, "Opening for Gilbert Gottfried at Carolines and Princeton Catch was one of the great thrills of my early stand up life. He could leave you gasping for breath ... just indescribably unusually hilarious."

Leading up to his death, Gottfried was embarking on his 2022 comedy tour, which was set to run up until at least the end of April. Gottfried's recent Twitter feed is full of retweets of sweet messages from fans, thanking him for making them laugh. But one photo that Gottfried tweeted just months ago caught fans' attention for a heartbreaking reason.

Gilbert Gottfried reminisced about his late friends months before his own death

So far, 2022 has seen the deaths of many iconic members of the entertainment industry. So when both fellow comedians Bob Saget and Louie Anderson died back in January, Gilbert Gottfried had lost two of his close funnyman friends just under a month apart from each other. On January 21, the day that Anderson died, Gottfried solemnly tweeted a photo of him, Saget, and Anderson taking a selfie. "This photo is very sad now. RIP Bob Saget and RIP Louie Anderson. Both good friends that will be missed," Gottfried captioned.

Fans on Twitter pointed out the unfortunate coincidence that Gottfried had posted this photo just three months before his very own death. Another user said that "This photo is very sad now ... Legends that will be missed." 

During his life, Gottfried gained fame and respect from many of his peers for his roles in films like "Aladdin" and "Beverly Hills Cop II." But in an unfortunate turn of events, Gottfried's death is another painful addition to the number of people the comedy community has lost this year.