The Kardashians' Over-The-Top Easter Gifts Are Turning Heads

The Kardashians are known for many things: messy divorces, baby daddy drama, intense momagers, and questionable beauty lines, to name a few. With the premiere of their new show on Hulu, they've been all over the news. People can't get enough of Kim Kardashian's new relationship with Pete Davidson or Kourtney Kardashian's surprise marriage to Travis Barker.

Another thing the Kardashians are known for is their over-the-top gift-giving practices. Kanye (now just "Ye") West famously gave ex Kim a hologram of her late father, Robert Kardashian, for her 40 birthday. Every December, the fam throws a lavish Christmas party — most recently with machine-made snow and a sledding hill. Christmas and birthdays aren't the only holidays that the Kardashians go all out for, though.

Fans were floored by the excessive gifts that momager, Kris Jenner, bestowed upon her kids this year for Easter. Believe us when we tell you she put your charcuterie board to shame.

Kris Jenner knows how to throw a party

Kris Jenner wears many hats: manager, businesswoman, reality star, mom, grandma (or "Lovey" as her grandkids call her), and now expert party thrower. Kris' extravagant Easter brunch was documented by her daughters on their Instagram Stories, "Oh my gosh, look what my mom did. She has chocolate eggs for all the kids and, oh my God, for all the grownups too," Kim Kardashian could be heard saying in a since-removed story as she panned around the room, per Page Six.

Kris had ordered giant chocolate eggs with the name of every guest at the party perched in a tiny little nest. "The queen of everything!" Kim added. Kris didn't stop there, though. Kourtney Kardashian's Stories showcased elaborate, flower-covered avocado toast, giant easter baskets, and Easter-themed gingerbread houses. Kylie Jenner also shared footage of the personalized, pastel-colored gumball machines gifted to the younger girls — Stormi, Chicago, Dream, and True.

Fans were divided about the showy party and excessive gifting. "I'm sorry but the Kardashian's easter displays for their kids is ridiculous," tweeted one fan. "Those kids are going to grow up being the most spoiled, obnoxious kids if that is what they expect on the regular." Others were less concerned about the kids, and more concerned about how to score an invite next year. "I act like I'm fine but deep down I really wanna be at Easter at the Kardashian's," tweeted another. Perhaps the most relatable reaction, though, was this one: "I'd rather be at the Kardashian Easter celebration than Coachella." Same.