Cardi B Sets The Record Straight On Billie Eilish's Supposed Met Gala Diss

From Kim Kardashian's historic nod to Marilyn Monroe, to Kylie Jenner's emotional ode to Virgil Abloh, the 2022 Met Gala certainly brought the drama, fashion-wise. However, when it comes to drama between the attendees at the event, it appears the night was remarkably tame. As was the after-party — and that's something Cardi B would like us to know.

The 2022 Met Gala after-party was hosted by Cardi and Playboy Magazine, per Vogue. The festivities featured a star-studded guest list, including Grammy winner Billie Eilish. However, the shindig set to dazzle all in attendance instead became the site of new feud rumors. Blogger ThatssoKenMinaj suggested there was tension between Eilish and the host at the event, tweeting a video that shows the "Ocean Eyes" singer utter the words "so weird" after looking on at the rapper emceeing. "Billie Eilish shades cardi B at the #MetGala after party," the video was captioned, adding fuel to the fire.

A number of Twitter users have since jumped to the singer's defense, with one tweeting, "She doesn't say 'she's.'" Another fan wrote, "She said 'this is so weird' not shading cardi at all." However, one Twitter user has come forward with the most concrete evidence to prove Eilish's innocence in the situation: Cardi herself.

Billie Eilish has nothing but love for Cardi B

It was only a matter of time before Cardi B caught wind of the Billie Eilish diss rumors, and once she did, she was quick to set the record straight on Twitter. "I hate the internet," she began. "How do y'all turn one of the most lit parties into drama?" The rapper went on to clarify, "yesterday, from the met to the party, everything was drama free. Why do yallwanna [sic] turn everything into mess?"

Cardi also shared voice notes between herself and Eilish to further cement that there was no drama between them. The first note heard Eilish explain exactly what she was calling "weird" at the time. "I was f***ing calling the people around you weird, because everybody was coming up to you and shoving their phones into your a**!" The singer also noted that she had been concerned that the rumors would get back to the rapper. "I was so worried you were going to see that," she admits. As for Cardi's response to Eilish, she can be heard saying with a laugh, "The internet is trying to divide us! They don't understand that you're my baby!"

The last time the "Up" rapper addressed internet "Rumors", she did so alongside Lizzo, and the resultant single debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Might we suggest a remix of the smash hit, this time featuring Eilish?