The Unexpected Way Lala Kent Wants Vanderpump Rules Season 10 To Play Out

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Vanderpump Rules has officially been picked up for Season 10, and one cast member is already weighing in on how she wants it to play out.

News of the show's renewal first broke on May 12 when Lisa Vanderpump took to her Instagram. "We're back baby," she captioned beneath a cast photo. It's pretty evident that the restaurateur was over the moon at the news for quite some time, as the very next day, she posted about the new season once again. "SUR-ving up Season 10 of #PUMPRules coming soon!"

The confirmation of a new season has certainly brought a ton of relief to fans. After all, last season ended with not one, not two, but three couples on the show splitting up. Lala Kent and Randall Emmet, James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss and Katie Maloney and Tom Schwarz all went their separate ways. In light of the breakups, many fans were left wondering how the show could go on ... and who would be on it, if it did. However, one of the show's stars has an idea for the way forward.

Lala Kent is ready to channel Pamela Anderson on Vanderpump Rules

September 2020 saw a pregnant Lala Kent reveal that she wasn't sure she'd return to "Vanderpump Rules" after having her baby. "I need to see what next season would entail," she told ET at the time. However, one baby and a breakup later, she's ready to return, after all. Speaking on an Amazon Livestream, Kent joked about being in dire need of a "hot girl summer." As for what, exactly, that entailed, she told fans on the stream that she envisioned herself channeling blond bombshells of yore. "I want for Season 10 to be, like, full Pam Anderson vibe. Like, bleach blond ... how do we feel about me doing the Brigitte Bardot bang?"

As for storylines, Kent mused that she would love for cameras to witness her balancing being "a great mama," with "trying to go out and have fun." Given her initial hesitations at returning to the show after the birth of her daughter, Ocean, Kent's new desire to get back on the show, and to document her "hot girl summer" is no doubt unexpected. That said, we have a sneaky suspicion that it's a change of heart fans will welcome!  

Visions aside, Kent was also quick to remind viewers that she doesn't know much about Season 10 just yet. "We're kind of in the dark with all of it," she admitted. However, she's hoping for everyone to return, saying, "We had a really great cast." This is one instance where time will tell!