Bob Saget's Latest TV Appearance Will Have You Emotional All Over Again

Even though Bob Saget is gone, fans can still see glimpses of the star from time to time. As fans know, news of Saget's tragic death broke on January 9 when authorities found the actor dead in his hotel room in Orlando. Sadly, Saget was by himself when he died. An autopsy report later revealed that the "Full House" star's cause of death was head trauma

When the news of Saget's death broke, it spread like wildfire in Hollywood. Several of his "Full House" co-stars, like Candace Cameron Bure and John Stamos, penned touching tributes to their beloved friend. Other comedians around the globe also took to social media to remember the late star, including Nikki Glaser. In her first Instagram post on January 9, Glaser shared a short video clip of herself with Saget with a simple caption that read, "I'll miss you forever, Bob." Shortly after, she shared an additional post dedicated to her friend. "Posting pics of him helps for some reason," she wrote on the upload, adding that she hasn't "lost too many friends in my lifetime, so I'm grateful to Bob for this lesson in grieving." She also called him "a really special person."

It's clear to see that Glaser and Saget had a close relationship, and the pair often chatted on the phone. One of their conversations was captured on camera, and viewers got to see it on an episode of "Welcome Home Nikki Glaser."

Bob Saget chats with Nikki Glaser

Bob Saget's most recent television appearance is making us feel some sort of way. Before his death, the "Full House" star filmed with Nikki Glaser for her show "Welcome Home Nikki Glaser," per People. The star gave Glaser some advice over a FaceTime call as she pondered whether or not she should get back together with her boyfriend, Chris Convy. Saget shared how his wife, Kelly Rizzo, helped him find love again. "I didn't think I was gonna meet anybody ever again," he said. "We met through a mutual friend, and then two weeks later, we were in Vegas on our first date," he explained.

Saget also asked Glaser if she still loved Convy, to which she replied, "Yes, but my issue with him is that I need us to be able to communicate better. And I feel like we don't have the tools for that," though she said their sex life kept bringing her back. In true Saget fashion, he joked, "Even I would like to have sex with him." Glaser ended the call by telling Saget that she loved him, and in turn, Saget signed off with a sweet and funny message. "I love you, too," Saget told Glaser. "Tell your mom I miss her. She'll know what I mean!"

Some fans took to social media to weigh in on the sweet episode. "Bob Saget on the phone with Nikki Glaser in tonight's episode was so sad. They were super close friends," one person tweeted