Inside Lori Harvey's Dating History

Model Lori Harvey is no stranger to making headlines, especially when it comes to her love life. Lori, who landed in hot water over a divisive weight loss admission in 2022, has been linked to a slew of A-list celebrities. In the past few years alone, Lori, whose mom is Marjorie Harvey and stepdad is TV personality Steve Harvey, has reportedly dated everyone from Diddy to Future and, most recently, Michael B. Jordan.

It sure seems like she has a type and it definitely goes against her mom's dating advice. When the pair appeared on a 2015 episode of "The Steve Harvey Show" — when Lori was just 18 years old — Marjorie had a simple but sage rule for her teen: "No athletes, no rappers." Despite assuring her mom that she had nothing to worry about, Lori hasn't exactly heeded that particular tip. In fact, she's mostly been linked to athletes and rappers since 2016, although she's often chosen to keep her relationships under wraps. For the most part at least. Join us as we take a closer look inside Lori Harvey's dating history.

It all started with soccer pro Memphis Depay

Lori Harvey's first high-profile boyfriend was Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay. TMZ confirmed they were an item in January 2016 and, a year later, the pair got engaged. Steve Harvey went into proud stepdad mode as he broke the news on Twitter. Posting a photo of a 23-year-old Depay proposing to a 20-year-old Lori in June 2017, he gushed, "This young man is a good one!" Given how young they were, skeptics quickly began questioning their readiness. Lori set the record straight with her own tweet, writing (via People), "Yes we are young, but when it's right why wait." She also clarified that they weren't rushing down the aisle because she was having a child. "No, I'm not pregnant and won't be for a while," she told her followers.

Unfortunately, their union wasn't meant to be. The couple reportedly called it quits around the end of 2017. Although we don't know the exact timeline, fans noticed that as of January 2018, Lori was no longer wearing her engagement ring. Interestingly, while she moved on, Depay maintained his relationship with Steve. In fact, their bond was so strong that the soccer pro posted a photo of them together in December 2019. In the snap, the two men can be seen smoking cigars on a yacht and possibly talking about Lori as he wrote, "Seen a lot, heard a lot, learned a lot." According to The Blast, the post came while Lori was on holiday with a new flame, Future.

Did Trey Songz cheat on Lori Harvey?

Shortly after Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay called it quits, Lori seemingly began dating rapper Trey Songz. While it's unclear when they first got together, Atlanta Black Star reported in December 2018 that they had been together for nearly a year. Although they never confirmed their union, TMZ caught the pair getting handsy at a New Year's Eve bash and, days later, RadarOnline was reporting that they were definitely an item and that Steve Harvey did not approve. According to an insider, Steve reportedly was concerned due to Songz's questionable past, which includes assault allegations.

Eventually, a number of tabloid stories bubbled up that suggested the rapper was not being true to Lori. For one, a model told RadarOnline that Songz was sending her thirsty messages while he was with Lori. "I don't think he will stop texting me or any of his other girls for Lori," she mused. What's more, adult actor Brittney Jones claimed to The Shade Room that she was actually in a relationship with Songz while he was linked to Lori. "I was played like a fool, but I thought we were dating," she said, sharing screenshots that seemingly proved their relationship. Songz seemingly denied the claims, tweeting, "y'all weak as 7 days."

By February 2019, Lori and Songz were done. Despite the drama, there appears to be no bad blood between them. When Songz announced he had become a dad in May 2019, Lori commented on the post, "Happy for you T!!!" ​​

Were Lori Harvey and Justin Combs a thing?

Did she or didn't she? To this day, folks aren't sure if Lori Harvey actually moved on to Justin Combs after her relationship with Trey Songz ended. They never confirmed nor denied their union, but TMZ did report them as dating in early 2019 after they were spotted at several of the same events. In February 2019, for example, Lori and Justin, who's the son of Sean "Diddy" Combs and was previously linked to Saweetie, were both in attendance at a pre-Super Bowl party being hosted by Jeezy, Diddy, and, interestingly, Lori's future love interest, Future.

Meanwhile, some outlets wondered if Lori was simply rebounding from Songz. According to Atlanta Black Star, the pair apparently got into a fight shortly before the Super Bowl party after Lori saw Songz flirting with a woman at a club. That's when she deleted a photo of him from her Instagram and seemingly moved on.

Lori Harvey's alleged love triangle

Lori Harvey's most surprising dating moment may very well be the rumored love triangle with Justin Combs and his dad, Sean Combs. After briefly being linked to Justin, Lori was spotted hanging out with Sean. While TMZ reported the pair denied any romance in March 2019, the speculation stayed put. Fuel was only added to fire when E! News shared photos of the two walking around New York City at midnight in July 2019. The following month, they were seen together in Italy where, according to E! News, they toured the Amalfi Coast alongside Lori's parents, Marjorie and Steve Harvey. An insider told the outlet that during a lunch together, "He was whispering in her ear and kissing her cheek from time to time." The source continued, "She had her arm around him and was stroking his ear and kissing him." Jump to September and Lori and Sean were photographed together in Mexico. That same month, they were seen at an Atlanta strip club alongside Justin, per TMZ. Talk about an awkward group outing.

In the end, Lori and Sean went their separate ways after just three months together. As one insider told E! News, "Him and Lori had a fun fling but Diddy is still healing and focusing on himself right now." People pointed out in October 2019 that Lori unfollowed Diddy on Instagram. While they themselves never confirmed the union, Justin once said of the two to HollywoodLife, "They good. They're just being... Private time."

Lori Harvey's romance with Future ended with major shade

Not long after the Justin and Sean Combs drama died down, Lori Harvey set her sights on her next flame. In December 2019, E! News linked her to rapper Future. After the couple was spotted vacationing together in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Future posted a photo of Lori to his Instagram, which he simply captioned, "Flawless." The following month, they were on another getaway, this time celebrating Lori's birthday in Jamaica. The model posted a clip of them together to her Instagram Stories in which they got cozy as he kissed her on the cheek, per E! News. Then, Future surprised her for Valentine's Day by filling her house with roses. Alas, despite the sweet posts, it was all over by August 2020. After spending the early days of the pandemic lockdown together, The U.S. Sun confirmed they had called it quits, unfollowed each other on Instagram, and deleted photos of one another from their accounts.

Their relationship would briefly be dragged back into the spotlight in May 2021 when Future decided to diss Harvey during a feature on 42 Dugg's "Maybach." "Magic City, I'm the owner/Tell Steve Harvey I don't want her," he quipped, but if he thought Lori would respond with verbal jabs of her own, he was wrong. As she told Bustle, "I just try to stay up here and take the high road in every situation."

Michael B. Jordan was The One, until he wasn't

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan weren't shy about showcasing their love. While Harvey has been known to keep her relationships under wraps, this time, things were different. The couple met through close friends a few years earlier, she told Bustle, but nothing happened until late 2020. They went Instagram official in January 2021 and were openly smitten with one another. As Harvey said on a September 2021 episode of "The Real," "We just really balance each other." She also teased that Jordan might be The One, saying the expression "When you know you know" definitely applied to their union. The "Creed" star agreed, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "I finally found what love was." They were still going strong in early 2022 with Harvey calling them "4Lifers" on Instagram in February.

Despite all the lovely comments, things came to a crashing halt in June 2022. After a year and a half together, People confirmed the couple's split and Harvey did what she'd done before: She deleted all photos of her ex from Instagram. However, according to a source who spoke with People, the breakup was anything but easy. "Michael and Lori are both completely heartbroken," they said, adding, "They still love each other."

Lori Harvey's love life has drawn a lot of criticism

It seems everyone has something to say about Lori Harvey's love life. The model's dating choices have been criticized repeatedly, starting with Sean 'Diddy' Combs, as Twitter users called their alleged union "so creepy" and even "sick." Jump to her relationship with Future, and talk show host Wendy Williams declared in a headline-making rant, "Girl, everyone talks about you ... You're so pretty, you don't have to be that girl!" Rapper The Game also appeared to throw shade at the couple and Harvey's A-list dating streak, comparing her romantic history to trading cards. Before breaking down Harvey's love life, one Twitter user wrote,"The girl is your toxic fave's toxic fave."

And she seemingly can't catch a break. After Harvey began a serious relationship with Michael B. Jordan, rapper Boosie Badazz told DJ Vlad, "Once you been ran through like that, you're only gonna catch a simp, you ain't gonna catch no street."

Despite the negativity, others have had her back. "Lori Harvey's approach to dating is admirable," tweeted one fan, while another noted, "Lori Harvey is dating exactly how dating is suppose to be done." As Heartbreak Clinic's La'Toya Hart told Yahoo! Life, Harvey has been subjected to a double standard and should actually be praised. Hart said, "Lori Harvey's dating history over the years shows she is a woman that knows her worth and the value she brings to a relationship, and she is committed to being with someone that meets those expectations."