Britney Spears Is Removing More People From Her Life After Wedding Chaos

On June 9, Britney Spears finally married her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari, in a long-awaited wedding at her Los Angeles home. Although Spears' wedding was completely star-studded, there were quite a few noticeable omissions from her guest list. Among them: virtually ever member of her family, largely due to the fallout she has had with them after her years-long conservatorship battle. The one exception originally appeared to be her brother, Bryan, though she later declared in a since-deleted ire-fueled Instagram post (via Page Six) that her older brother was actually not invited, adding, "GO F*** YOURSELF Bryan."

Another unexpected guest at the ceremony was Spears' ex-husband, Jason Allen Alexander, a childhood friend whom she briefly married in a 2004 shotgun wedding before having the marriage annulled a few days later. 18 years later, Alexander caused quite a bit of chaos by crashing his ex-wife's third wedding, breaching her house and going live on Instagram before being apprehended and arrested by police outside. As a result of this unexpected series of events, Spears is now removing even more people from her already-chaotic life. 

Britney Spears fires her security team

In light of their failure to restrain her ex-husband Jason Allen Alexander before he breached her house, Britney Spears fired her entire security team shortly after the break-in took place, per TMZ. They have been replaced by a new set of security guards. Alexander, who already has a troubled history with the law, was slapped with a number of charges by a Los Angeles judge, including a felony stalking charge, and has been given a three-year restraining order against Spears. 

Spears' decision to dismiss her security team continues a streak of her (understandably) removing several people from her life after their direct roles in a number of traumatizing events. In light of her 13-year long conservatorship, Spears has since all but cut out her core family members from her life, even threatening legal action against her father for financial misconduct, and against sister Jamie Lynn Spears for alleged defamation in her new book, "Things I Should Have Said."

Her sons, 16- and 15-year-old Sean and Jayden Federline, did not attend the wedding, though she appears to be on good terms with them — and indeed continues to raise them. Spears and her new husband Sam Asghari are currently trying for her third child, so we may just continue to see her family grow, despite the setbacks.