Britney Spears' Legal Battle With Her Father Isn't Over Yet

Britney Spears may finally be free of her controversial conservatorship, but, sadly, it seems like her legal troubles aren't over quite yet. The star hasn't had the easiest time of things when it comes to her relationship with family — particularly her dad, Jamie Spears – and their involvement in the now defunct legal arrangement, as she's made some pretty shocking allegations about the way she was supposedly treated.

In June 2021, Britney claimed in court that she was allegedly forced onto birth control as part of the conservatorship, as well as being forced to take medication she did not want (via BBC). She took particular aim at Jamie, who was in control of the conservatorship for several years but stepped down in 2021, telling the court, "The control he had over someone as powerful as me — he loved the control to hurt his own daughter 100,000%. He loved it." The star also claimed, "I cried on the phone for an hour and he loved every minute of it," and accused him of pushing her to work and allegedly threatening her with punishments if she didn't do what he said, adding she believed Jamie should be in jail.

But now, as Britney continues to enjoy her newfound freedom — like getting married to her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari — there's the chance she could have to head back to court to speak candidly about her experiences at her father's request.

Jamie Spears wants to depose Britney

Jamie Spears wants to see his daughter, Britney Spears, back in the courtroom. People reported that Jamie had filed legal documents requesting that Britney be deposed in order to discuss the serious allegations she's made against him in relation to her conservatorship. Jamie is reportedly none too happy about the fact that Britney has reportedly signed a $15 million tell-all book deal, per Page Six, while he's also said to be unhappy about comments his daughter has made against him on social media. In legal documents, Jamie's lawyer stated, "Jamie has a right to prepare his case and depose Britney, as she is the individual making unsupported claims against him," despite Britney's team claiming she is exempt from being deposed.

Britney has taken aim at her dad and other family members on multiple occasions, including in March in a since deleted Instagram post. "The first day my dad became my conservator I will never forget. He said sit down in that chair... we're going to have a talk," she claimed (via Bustle). "He said 'I'm Britney Spears and I call the shots from now on,' and ever since that day I felt a huge part of my womanhood stripped from me... I was never the same."

Jamie has always denied any wrongdoing, saying in a court statement in June 2021 (via Daily Mail), "He is sorry to see his daughter suffering and in so much pain. Mr Spears loves his daughter very much."