Travis Scott's Rare Post About Kylie Jenner Has Fans Confused

Rapper Travis Scott has two kids with Kylie Jenner, but the details of their relationship remain shrouded in mystery. Generally, Scott and Jenner have been pretty private about their relationship and their children. We still don't even know their son's name, their second baby previously known as Wolf. From the looks of it, Jenner and Scott have understandably been out of the public eye since the Astroworld Festival tragedy that took place in November 2021 where 10 people died. After issuing his apology, Scott basically went into hiding and didn't perform again on a national stage until the 2022 Billboard Music Awards in May. Scott has also been noticeably absent from the Kardashians' new Hulu reality show. But Jenner recently Instagrammed how Scott went all out for her on Mother's Day, so it looked like business as usual.

So that's why fans are confused about Scott's newest public declaration of love for Jenner being removed from his profile so quickly.

Fans are getting whiplash from Travis Scott's Kylie Jenner appreciation post

On June 19, Father's Day, Travis Scott snapped a candid photo of Kylie Jenner cooking in the kitchen and posted it to his Instagram story. In the post, Jenner seems to be serving food in a tank top and tie-dye pants, and Scott made sure to include her famous backside in the photo. "Shawty in here throwing that a** down !!!!" Scott wrote in the post. He later deleted it, but only after it was screenshotted and reposted by another account.

But why exactly was the post taken down from his account? Could it have been at the request of Jenner herself? "Nah he didn't have permission from [Jenner's] social media handler," one fan speculated online. It seems that Jenner and Scott are very wary of what they post, especially with the Kardashian name attached to them.

On the same day, Jenner uploaded her own Father's Day message to Scott on her Instagram. She posted a photo of Scott in bed eating a bowl of noodles alongside their daughter, Stormi, and their son whose face Jenner hid with a strategically placed emoji. "happy father's day daddyyyyy we love you," Jenner wrote. Well, it looks like Jenner and Scott have been continuing to parent together regardless of the craziness of their lives.