Teddi Mellencamp Accuses Vicki Gunvalson Of A Shady Move Amid Their Beef

Teddi Mellencamp and Vicki Gunvalson have held nothing back in their ongoing feud. While Mellencamp appeared on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" for a few seasons, Gunvalson was once the longest-running member of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and fans dubbed her the "OG of the OC." So, how did these two get into a fight in the first place?

In June, Tamra Judge (who co-hosts the "Two Ts in a Pod" podcast) told Mellencamp that Gunvalson called her boring, thus starting the pair's intense back-and-forth. Shortly after, Entertainment Tonight interviewed Gunvalson, and there, she confirmed her distaste for Mellencamp. "I don't know Teddi Mellencamp, but I don't like Teddi Mellencamp," she said."I don't know something about her bugs me." Ouch.

The two have also gone at it on social media several times, and they're really airing out their dirty laundry. In June, Mellencamp threw shade at Gunvalson over her former boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. "Any other Bravo fans watching I Love That for You on Showtime with Vanessa Bayer?" she tweeted. "It's about a girl who scams her way into a job by lying about having cancer. Just feels so familiar." Gunvalson caught wind and commented on Mellencamp's tweet in her own defense. "​​Wow...Low blow! You know nothing about what transpired with my x. This is why you only lasted 3 years... ME...14!" And, it still seems like the feud is far from over with Mellencamp's latest accusation.

Teddi Mellencamp insists Vicki Gunvalson is a job-snatcher

Teddi Mellencamp and Vicki Gunvalson may never get along. Mellencamp is the latest party to fire shots in the bitter feud. On August 2, the reality star appeared on Carlos King's "Reality with The King" podcast, where she explained that Gunvalson tried to get her fired from her "Two Ts a Pod" podcast (that she ironically does with Gunvalson's BFF, Tamra Judge). "She called my boss at iHeart, after doing my podcast with Tamra, and said, 'You know I really think the podcast would be better with me and Tamra,' and goes on and on," Mellencamp claimed.

The mother of three continued by sharing that she signed on the dotted line for the podcast deal before Judge did, and her boss "was very straightforward with" Gunvalson about it. Mellencamp added that even after all the "Watch What Happens Live" drama went down, Gunvalson tried to land her own show to no avail as Mellencamp said the people at iHeart radio were against it. "You're not getting a podcast. You've been dogging out our number one podcast," she recalled them saying. "You can come into ours, I'm happy to have you have a conversation with Teddi on the podcast, or fill in for Tamra from time to time."

This is not the first time that Mellencamp has accused Gunvalson of trying to snatch her job. She also shared a video of Gunvalson on Instagram along with a lengthy caption that accused her of the same thing.