Sheryl Underwood Doesn't Hold Back Her Feelings About Sharon Osbourne After Rift On The Talk

Daytime television can get pretty tense, so it's no surprise that Sheryl Underwood has dealt with her share of ups and downs on "The Talk," the panel-format show she has co-hosted since 2011. However, the comic's 2021 exchange with co-host Sharon Osbourne became particularly heated as they discussed journalist Pierce Morgan's criticism of Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah. Among other things, Morgan doubted her admission that she'd dealt with suicidal ideation during "Good Morning Britain" (via Metro).

At the time, Osbourne's support of Morgan led to her and Underwood disagreeing about his comments, which some felt were racist. As the conversation progressed, Osbourne became noticeably angry and lashed out at Underwood. "I will ask you again, Sheryl, I've been asking you during the break, I'm asking you again — and don't try and cry cause if anyone should be crying it should be me," Osbourne said during the broadcast. Continuing, Osbourne urged Sheryl to "educate" her on the times that she's heard Morgan say racist things and also further defended him. "So why can't it be that he just doesn't like [Meghan Markle]? Why does it have to be racist?"

Osbourne's impassioned plea didn't go over well with some viewers — or the network execs, for that matter. Despite issuing an apology, CBS fired Osbourne after an internal investigation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Over a year later, Underwood is sharing just what she thinks about her former co-host. 

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing 988 or by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

Sheryl Underwood misses Sharon Osbourne

Ahead of "The Talk's" 13th season, Sheryl Underwood has shared with People how she feels about Sharon Osbourne today. "I miss her," Underwood told the publication. "I miss her. You can't work with somebody for all that time. I have an equation that I use — time plus distance equals clarity. When you work in daytime with somebody, 220 shows, four days a week, traveling with them, talking to them, you can't forget that."

While it's nice that Underwood isn't holding any grudges against her former "The Talk" co-host— especially since she dealt with "trauma" after their heated on-air exchange — it may be a while before Osbourne comes around. In February, the ousted co-host spoke to TMZ and shared some coarse words about her former job and colleagues. "I would never go back to that show because CBS sucks big time d***," said Osborne of her time with CBS. Welp. There you have it.

It turns out that she didn't need CBS anyway. After her ousting, Osbourne went back across the pond to host a British talk show, coincidentally titled ... "The Talk." She is also set to return to reality TV with her husband Ozzy and daughter Kelly in the upcoming BBC series, "Home to Roost."