Celebrities Who've Been Arrested More Than Once

The following article includes allegations of drug use, alcohol use, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

Celebrities often seem untouchable, as though the prestige they have gained throughout their careers will protect them from everything. However, this isn't entirely true. A handful of them have had to face the law on multiple occasions despite their celebrity status. From drug charges to DUIs, some of the nastier charges on the list include assault, robbery, and even first-degree murder. But since these are celebrities we're talking about, very few of them have had to serve major prison time, and in most cases, they were let off the hook with little more than a fine to pay and a sobriety program or community service requirement.

Some celebrities, however, aren't on this list for drug charges or similar scandals, but rather for protesting for humanitarian causes. In fact, the most-arrested celebrities in Hollywood are those who served time for peacefully demonstrating for causes like climate change awareness or anti-war protests. Even in those cases, it seems, mansions and golden trophies do little to circumvent legal action. Here are some of Hollywood's most notorious celebrities who've been arrested more than once.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has had her share of arrests for driving. She was stopped and breathalyzed in September 2006 and charged with a DUI. However, not long after that, she was pulled over once more, in February 2007, for driving with a suspended license, to which Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer said, "I think she just wanted to disregard everything that was said and continued to drive no matter what" (via Reuters).

That time around, Hilton had to face the consequences of her actions and go to jail. A few days before, she showed up at the MTV Movie Awards, saying, "I'm scared, but I'm being strong. I'm ready to face my sentence, and I hope that this can be an example to other young people and the decisions they make and use it as something positive." She served 23 days out of the 45 she had been sentenced (via The Sun).

According to the Crime Museum, three years after her time in jail, Hilton was arrested multiple times for drug possession, including cocaine and marijuana. She was detained in South Africa at a FIFA World Cup game for suspected cannabis possession; then she was arrested in Corsica, also for marijuana possession; and finally, she was arrested in August 2010 for cocaine possession. CNN reported at the time that Hilton admitted to having lied about the drugs and confessed they were hers: "I said that the purse wasn't mine to the officer, your honor," she had said.

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Lindsay Lohan

Most people are happy to see Lindsay Lohan making her long-awaited return to the spotlight in a number of Netflix movies. However, it wasn't all that long ago that any mention of Lohan brought with it a plethora of sighs and groans from moviegoers and pop culture fans. In fact, after multiple arrests, Lohan's Hollywood story went from success to sadness.

Her first DUI charge was in 2007, and from there, she's been arrested for driving with a suspended license, cocaine possession, stealing jewelry, and skipping court to attend a film festival (via E! Online). For the last crime, her attorney claimed, "Her passport was stolen. She is doing everything in her power to get a temporary passport and get home" (via E! Online). In 2016, Lohan was facing charges on the East and the West Coasts simultaneously (via Fox News). She had three charges in Los Angeles related to a car crash and one charge of third-degree assault in New York City.

It was her interview with Oprah Winfrey that brought all eyes to Lohan's recovery. "I believe that you believe that this is your time to turn this around for yourself. ... If that is the case, then you are not gonna f*** it up," said Oprah, to which Lohan replied, "I needed to hear that from you because it helps and it empowers me."

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Shia LaBeouf

In an essay for the 2015 book "Prison Ramen," former "Even Stevens" actor Shia LaBeouf shared details about his experience in jail following a 2007 arrest. "While I was there, I at least understood that being in jail is not the move," LaBeouf wrote (via Page Six). "It sucks a**." Despite his recognition of the unenviable nature of the experience, it hasn't stopped him from getting in trouble with the law several times in the span of two decades.

LaBeouf was first arrested in 1996 when he was just 9 years old for stealing a pair of Nike shoes. After that, he was in trouble multiple times for stealing, then for the attempted stabbing of a neighbor, as well as driving under the influence. The Los Angeles Times reported multiple incidents in which he was taken into custody for disorderly conduct. A recent one of LaBeouf's run-ins with the law came in 2017 while he was in Georgia. The arresting officers released a statement shared by Page Six sharing how aggressive and vulgar LaBeouf had become at the time of his arrest.

After that arrest, LaBeouf took to social media to express his regret and explain his behavior. In a tweet that included a screenshot of his statement, he wrote, "My outright disrespect for authority is problematic to say the least, and completely destructive to say the worst. [...] I am actively taking steps toward securing my sobriety and hope I can be forgiven for my mistakes."

Snoop Dogg

Shortly before his 2022 Super Bowl performance, The Hill reported that Snoop Dogg was being sued for sexual assault and battery. The court documents stated, "Defendant Snoop Dogg's actions were sexually predatorial. Plaintiff found herself thinking about her job security if she displeased Defendant Snoop Dogg. Plaintiff felt pressured by Defendant Snoop Dogg due to his dominance, and his position of power over her, including his ability to hire and fire her and ensure that she would never be hired in his industry again." According to NBC News, the woman is requesting a jury trial.

Snoop Dogg additionally has a long list of charges against him. Back in 2012, TMZ reported the rapper was arrested for possession of marijuana. Although he was legally allowed to have cannabis on him in California because of a prescription, the same didn't apply in Texas. He was able to solve the issue by paying a fine. He had also been convicted in 1990 of felony drug possession and possession for sale of cocaine (via The Age).

In 1993, the rapper was charged with first-degree murder alongside his bodyguard for the shooting death of Philip Woldemariam. In 1996, the Los Angeles Times reported the rapper had been acquitted of the charges. The defense attorney in the case said, "We have a hard-working jury that worked their way through to a just conclusion."

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Dennis Rodman

Three years ago, Dennis Rodman sat in a locker room in a tub full of cold water and talked to Kevin Hart for LOL Network about his past arrests. From a mother's boy to being arrested several times: "In my lifetime? I'd say over 100. I was having too many parties in my house, and after seven years straight, it was seven days a week. Seven days a week, 24/7."

Rodman's rap sheet is long; it includes a misdemeanor battery charge Rodman shared with his then-partner Carmen Electra in 1999, multiple DUIs, and misdemeanor charges for domestic violence in 2008. Rodman was also charged with a hit-and-run in 2016 alongside other misdemeanor crimes (via NBC News). Back in 2018, Bleacher Report shared the news that the ex-NBA star had also been arrested for driving under the influence in California. Three days later, the Associated Press reported Rodman was going to rehab for the second time to deal with his alcoholism. According to his agent, he was checking himself into the Turning Point Rehabilitation Center for treatment. Even after attending rehab, there were charges brought against the athlete. NBC News shared details of a charge for misdemeanor battery from May 2019, but in 2020 said charges were dropped (via Bleacher Report).

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Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen has been arrested over 60 times for civil disobedience. CheatSheet went as far as calling him "The Most Arrested Man in Hollywood." Unlike other celebrities, his arrests make headlines for standing up for important causes and not for DUIs. CNN and AP have reported cases in which Sheen had been arrested for climate change and anti-nuclear weapons protests.

As he told Fresh Dialogues, it all started when he was 14 years old. "I became aware of the injustices associated with the work. We were non-entities to them ... and they often used obscene language in front of us," he said. "We were little boys and they were abusive ... anti-Semitic ... racist." The "West Wing" actor continued, "I learned how not to treat servants whether they're waiters or bus-boys or cab drivers ... and I organized a strike."

That 14-year-old boy grew up to participate in multiple protests around the country, so much so that he has even astounded human rights activist Craig Kielburger. He has been arrested alongside world-renowned celebrity activists like Jane Fonda and Joaquin Phoenix. After one of his arrests, Sheen said, "It was a terrifying experience, and also one of the happiest days of my life because it turned out we had done everything we possibly could to object to this idea" (via Daily Mail).

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland has been charged with several DUIs throughout his career as an actor. In December 2020, People reported, there was an instance in which Sutherland had been arrested after failing a sobriety test when stopped by the police for an illegal U-turn. On that occasion, Sutherland was released on a $25,000 bail. Past charges against Sutherland include a DUI and a charge of carrying a concealed weapon in 1989 and another DUI in 1993.

In his most recent album, Sutherland discussed writing a song about his time in jail and said to Kyle Meredith, "You've made a really dumb mistake to be in this position in the first place ... there's no going back. There's no saying sorry. You're going inside ... and whatever jokes and kind of way you kind of tried to toss it off your shoulder or whatever, that's all over. This is the moment where you go 'I hope I don't get in trouble here.'"

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Courtney Love

In 1994, the Los Angeles Times reported Courtney Love's arrest over drug possession. A few days prior to said arrest, Love had said, "I accepted the fact I was a drug addict, and I go to the ... meetings. [...] I am aware I am not above it. I realize drugs can floor me." However, that didn't stop her from having to face the law for reckless endangerment and third-degree assault. The SFGate has reported that her rap sheet includes hitting people in the head and disturbing the peace, but Love always seemed to take her crimes as a joke. "I'm a brand at this point. A jail brand [...] it's institutionalized and codified around me. But it's not the worst thing in the world. I want to do a Christmas show at a California women's prison, where all the chicks are hot drug mules. I think I'll do the Johnny Cash thing."

In 2004, when Love hit a fan with a microphone stand, her drummer, Samantha Maloney, said, "Nothing had happened. We're just trying to get this rectified, because we have our show tonight. He's basically after our money" (via MTV) The SFGate reported the charges were dropped after she had to pay a sum in restitution and agreed to stay out of trouble for 12 months.

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Robert Downey Jr.

Everyone's favorite Marvel hero was never above the law, as Robert Downey Jr. had to face the reality of his actions in court due to drug abuse. Back in 1996, when the court ordered him to seek treatment, People reported, his former manager said, "Every day I look in the newspaper, and I think that I am going to read Robert's obituary." His father, Robert Downey Sr., agreed with the manager, saying the young actor had a problem but that he was glad to see him alive. This time around, Downey Jr. was facing charges related to cocaine and heroin use.

During the 2019 D23 Expo, Downey Jr. brought up one of his times being arrested as he discussed how similar his persona was to Tony Stark. The arrest happened while at Disneyland: "I've been sitting on that shame for a while and I'm just going to release it here tonight. I would like to make amends to whoever had to detain me for smoking pot in a gondola" (via Indian Express). Many attribute his recovery and sobriety to his wife, Susan. Director Guy Ritchie described their relationship to Harper's Bazaar, "It's a real yin and yang, and it's made him a joy to work with. Robert would be a pain in the a** if he didn't have Susan to police him."

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Mick Jagger

The lifestyle of a rockstar is always related to drugs, alcohol, fights, and altercations with the law. So it hasn't been a surprise for fans to find out Mick Jagger has been arrested more than once for drug possession and physical altercations with a photographer. It all seems to add to his rockstar label.

The Ultimate Classic Rock did a timeline of the Rolling Stones arrests, stating Jagger had been arrested with Keith Richards and Marianne Faithfull on different occasions. At the age of 24, he was arrested with Richards for possession of drugs. BBC News explained the musicians had to show up in court to face the charges. At first, Jagger was sentenced to three months, but the charges were dropped after an appeal. In 1972, Jagger and Richards were arrested right before a concert in Boston (via South Coast Today). According to The New York Times, Mayor Kevin White showed up to tell the audience, "I called and I got them out and they're on their way." After his arrest with Faithfull in 1969, Jagger arrived home and told the press, "I'm going back to work now to make a record" (via Rolling Stone).

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A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky has had to face the law more than once for firing a handgun and assault. In 2019, he faced charges for a fight that took place in Stockholm. The fight was recorded, and videos were posted on social media that clearly showed him assaulting someone. According to a statement released to Fox News, the case prosecutor dismissed the claims of self-defense and concluded that he had sufficient evidence to charge Rocky with assault.

Three years later, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested the musician when he landed in Los Angeles International Airport. The rapper was accused of firing a handgun in 2021 and fleeing the scene with two other individuals. The person who had been shot was mildly injured. When discussing the case, the district attorney said, "Discharging a gun in a public place is a serious offense that could have ended with tragic consequences not only for the person targeted but also for innocent bystanders visiting Hollywood. [...] My office conducted a thorough review of the evidence in this case and determined that the addition of a special firearm allegation was warranted " (via US Magazine). As a result, the artist received a restraining order from the victim.

Jane Fonda

Just like her "Grace & Frankie" co-star Martin Sheen, Jane Fonda has been arrested multiple times for civil disobedience. The celebrated actress has been a part of protests since the 1960s, her causes spanning anti-Vietnam War movements to climate change demonstrations. She has never shied away from this, and even wrote about it in her book "What Can I Do?: The Path from Climate Despair to Action."

"[I was] locked into a cell by myself with a female guard stationed outside all night to protect me," she wrote about her experience in jail (via People). "I was more than aware that I was being treated differently because I was white and famous. A cell to myself, juice when I wanted it, a guard."

Before the pandemic, Fonda's red coat became a symbol of her protest and advocacy for climate change during her "Fire Drill Fridays." The actor stated, "I will be on the Capitol every Friday, rain or shine, inspired and emboldened by the incredible movement our youth have created" (via The Hollywood Reporter). She stayed true to her word and was arrested multiple times in the eyes of the media on the capitol stairs with different celebrities who joined her cause.