Bianca Censori's Transformation Has People Doing A Double-Take

The following article includes references to sexual assault allegations.

When the world was first introduced to Kanye West's new bride, Bianca Censori, many people were struck by how much she resembled his ex Kim Kardashian. Censori also had dark hair, attractive facial features, and an hourglass figure. Ye had previously dated another Kardashian lookalike, Chaney Jones, before tying the knot with Censori. But if the "Devil in a New Dress" rapper was looking for a Kardashian clone, he did not find it in his second wife.

While Kardashian has laid out a welcome mat inviting fans into her world, Censori seems to have little interest in replicating the reality star's career trajectory. It's rare to even hear her speak, and while there was a time when Censori would pose for photos not unlike those shared by the internet's reigning selfie queen, she's deleted her Instagram page.

While Censori's silence has created an aura of mystery around her, it's also made it difficult for some people to see her as more than the sum of her body parts — so many headlines about her focus on how much skin her skimpy outfits leave uncovered. However, there's so much more to Censori than meets the eye, and her transformation into the second coming of Mrs. West includes a rather intriguing backstory.

She was not a big Kanye West fan in school

Bianca Censori hails from Ivanhoe, a wealthy suburb in Melbourne, Victoria. Page Six drew a parallel between her and Kim Kardashian by noting that the Aussie also has two gorgeous sisters, but their monikers lack that alliterative appeal; Bianca's look-alike siblings are named Alyssia Censori and Angelina Censori. Their mother is named Alexandra Censori, making Bianca the odd woman out. Alexandra might not be a momager, but she was giving off Kris Jenner vibes in photos that showed her carrying a pricey Prada bag and wearing a belted puffer coat.

The Daily Mail discovered that Bianca's father, Elia "Leo" Censori, once spent time in prison for heroin possession. Her uncle, Eris Censori, was a gangster known as "Melbourne's Al Capone" before he was jailed for his crimes.

Bianca attended the Carey Baptist Grammar School in Kew, where she was on the debate and rowing teams. On the Nova FM show "Ben, Liam and Belle," a former classmate revealed that Bianca was not into Kanye West's music back then. "She was definitely in the popular group and she was known for her big boobs. That was kind of her thing," Bianca's old pal added (via Page Six). Another schoolmate told the Daily Mail, "I would describe Bianca as a social butterfly." Both of her high school friends agreed that she was not the conceited, catty kind of popular, describing her as friendly, likable, and intelligent.

She studied architecture and had a spine-chilling career goal

Bianca Censori graduated from high school in 2012 and enrolled in college at the University of Melbourne, where she earned a master's degree in architecture in 2020. While most architects want to design the next iconic skyscraper, she once said that she'd love to place her architectural stamp on a cemetery.

Censori got her hustle on as a student. In 2013, she launched a jewelry line called Nylons, which was so successful that she was profiled by i-D in 2016. "I started playing around with mesh, then putting crystals inside the meshing, just making really simple thin chokers," she said of her designs. "I started selling those and from there it slowly kept growing." Censori revealed that balancing school and running a business was difficult, so she took a year-long break from college to focus on building her brand in 2014.

Censori started a new job in 2017 when she got hired by DP Toscano Architects in Melbourne. One of the projects she worked on was an apartment complex. "I was impressed by her — not just her work, but also with her confidence in what she wanted to do as a designer," Censori's ex-boss, Joe Toscano, told The Sydney Morning Herald. Toscano met Censori while judging presentations of the University of Melbourne's architecture students, and he added that another reason he decided to hire her was because he noticed that she possessed excellent people skills.

She was in a long-term relationship before dating Ye

After Bianca Censori became a global sensation by becoming Kanye West's new muse, one of her exes came out of the woodwork to gossip about what she was like before her main claim to fame was being Ye's favorite fashion accessory.

Censori's ex, Nick Forgiane, revealed that he and the architect had known each other since age 14, but it wasn't until seven years later that their friendship became romantic. On the Nova FM show "Fitzy & Wippa," Forgiane shared that his ex was not a fan of Ye's music during the six years that they dated. "But I do have hilarious videos of her dancing in a boxy outfit to the song 'I Love It,'" he added (via the Daily Mail). So, at least Censori found Ye and Lil Pump's collab grooveable.

Forgiane recalled Censori telling him that she hoped to call America home someday. "Bianca has always been bigger than Melbourne and we both knew this," he said. The exes split at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Forgiane used to have several photos of Censori on his Instagram page, including a 2015 snapshot taken at Times Square during a trip to NYC. Of the images, body language expert Judi James told The U.S. Sun, "Bianca's poses look free, spontaneous, and unrestricted as she celebrates life. Her gestures contrast with the contrived and subdued body language we see when she is with Kanye West."

Ye reportedly found her on Instagram and offered her a job

On "Ben, Liam and Belle," one of Bianca Censori's friends revealed that the former University of Melbourne student met Kanye West while she was still in school, and Ye instigated their relationship via a good ol' fashioned DM slide. But he wasn't just reaching out to Censori because he found her attractive; in 2020, he offered her a job at Yeezy as an architectural designer. So, maybe the sneaker mogul found some creative inspiration in the nursery rhyme "There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe."

Censori hasn't built Ye a sneaker palace yet, but it wasn't just her architectural experience that made her a real catch for the rapper. Just like Ye, Censori is passionate about style — according to a 2022 Vogue Australia profile of Aussie creatives, she's besties with stylist Gadir Rajab, co-creator of the Raga Malak fashion label. In 2021, Censori also proved that she would make the perfect canvas for Ye's clothing creations when she modeled bikinis for the swimwear brand Sasha.

After she began working for Yeezy, some of Censori's artwork was featured in a 2022 Melbourne Design Week exhibit called Vital Pleasures. That same year, she spoke about her Yeezy role at the 2022 CFS Summit. "My passion for architecture lies in fabrication, conceptualizing the future of built space, and exploring the bridge between the physical and the meta," she said in a video shared on Reddit.

A family member voiced support after Bianca Censori's secret marriage

In January 2023, news broke the news about Kanye West and Bianca Censori's marriage. The public didn't even know Censori's name before the pair's low-key wedding, so it came as a real shocker. But in retrospect, Ye possibly pulled a Taylor Swift and gave fans a clue about his trip to the altar when he dropped a song titled "Censori Overload." It included the lyric, "And The Bible said, 'I can't have any more sex til marriage.'"

Initial reports suggested that the couple hadn't filed paperwork making their marriage official, but it was later discovered that they had, indeed, obtained a marriage license in December 2022. A source told Us Weekly that Ye and Censori got hitched "because of religious reasons," with the implication being that Ye was serious when he uttered the aforementioned lyric.

Bianca's sister Angelina Censori spoke to the Herald Sun about the surprise wedding. "It's very exciting news for both my sister and the family," she said. Her sibling, Alyssia Censori, added that she also supported the union. But according to Page Six, Kim Kardashian wasn't quite as thrilled about the marriage, in part because she reportedly feared that Ye's rapport with Bianca wasn't purely professional back when Kimye was still a thing. (Kardashian filed for divorce in 2021, a year after Censori started working for Yeezy.) "Kim hates her," a source further explained. "She's pretty. And Kim hates pretty girls." 

Bianca Censori took charge and underwent a dramatic makeover

When Bianca Censori was first spotted out with Kanye West in January 2023, she was sporting a blond pixie cut. Her identity wasn't known at the time, so no one realized that she had changed her look dramatically when she began dating Ye. Psychologist Jade Thomas told The U.S. Sun that Censori possibly lopped off her long brunette locks and dyed what was left of her hair platinum to look less like Kim Kardashian. "I can imagine it has been very difficult for Bianca to be compared to her new partner's ex-wife," said Thomas. "This comparison could lead to feelings of worthlessness and sets unrealistic expectations of her new relationship."

New hairstyles can also go hand in hand with big other changes, and Censori had to make some monumental modifications to her life when she started dating a celebrity. In addition to suddenly gaining a paparazzi entourage and having her name splashed all over the internet, she apparently took on a ton of responsibilities. One source told The U.S. Sun that she started doing the brunt of the work when it came to Ye's business dealings. "Bianca handles Ye's daily logistics ... She takes all his calls, and all business affairs go through her," said the insider. Another source told the outlet that Censori has no interest in being a celebrity, which may explain why she started doing so much behind-the-scenes work.

She bonded with North West

Kanye West's first meeting with Bianca Censori's parents took place during a June 2023 trip to Tokyo. Because Censori's mother and father reside in Australia, they likely don't get to see their daughter and son-in-law all that often. But stateside, Censori started spending a lot of time with at least one member of her new family.

Censori seems to have grown exceptionally close to Ye's oldest daughter, North West. The stepmom was photographed having dinner with Ye and North at Nobu in January 2023. While in the car, North made a pouty face that caught the attention of a body language expert. "It could be related to feelings of loyalty to her mother and a desire to send a partly-jokey message back if she's waiting at home," Judi James told The U.S. Sun of North's exaggerated facial expression.

But North's body language told a much different story five months later at Ye's birthday party. Sushi was on the menu, and North was filmed playfully dangling a piece of sashimi in front of Censori's mouth. While some of the sushi was served on the bodies of almost-naked models, North snagged her snack from a tray. Outside Ye's birthday venue, North was photographed walking hand-in-hand with her stepmom. Fans also got a rare glimpse of Censori's silly side when North was filming Ye rapping. At one point, the tween turned her camera on Censori, who smiled and stuck her tongue out.

Bianca Censori's bizarre outfits began causing a sensation

She doesn't need a world-famous rapper by her side to stand out in a crowd — Bianca Censori's outrageous outfits make her impossible to miss. They also seemed to grow more revealing as her relationship with Kanye West progressed. In June 2023, Censori sported some church attire that covered her from head to toe. Black pantyhose fabric was stretched over her head, and a massive collar that extended from her nose down to her chest made her look like a rolled-down stocking.

Sheer catsuits and tights have become some of Censori's biggest wardrobe staples. During a September 2023 trip to Italy, she was photographed wearing nude tights and holding a pillow over her chest. According to designer Mowalola Ogunlesi, Italy is also where Censori's tights are specially made for her. 

Ogunlesi told Page Six that Ye isn't solely responsible for Censori's sexy outfits, maintaining that they are a collaborative effort between husband and wife. On his now-deleted Instagram, Ye occasionally showed off some of his wife's scandalous outfits. In January 2024, he posted a photo of Censori rocking a black barely-there thong and a fur bandeau top that left the lower portion of her boobs uncovered. Speaking to The U.S. Sun about that outfit, psychologist Carolyn Mair, Ph.D., said, "Kanye is broadcasting that he wants Bianca to be seen, ogled, desired, and wanted by others. ... The fur creates a desire to stroke because it is soft and fluffy."

Friends and family members reportedly grew concerned about her relationship

Bianca Censori's silence has allowed tabloids to use unidentified sources to control the narrative surrounding her relationship with Kanye West, and most of the time, their supposed inside info doesn't paint a pretty picture. After the couple was accused of engaging in an obscene act on a boat in Italy, reports circulated about members of Censori's inner circle becoming worried about her relationship with Ye. In September 2023, one pal told the Daily Mail that it was Censori potentially being muzzled that was really troubling. "This isn't who she is. She is an incredibly outspoken and lively person who is never one to keep her mouth shut," said the friend. That same month, another source told revealed that Censori had stopped speaking to people she had previously been close to.

An insider told the Daily Mail Ye was to blame for Censori's isolation and claimed that the rapper controlled most aspects of her life, including her diet, her wardrobe, and when she could talk. "She has no mind of her own anymore and obeys him because he has convinced her that they are royal," said the source.

In November 2023, it was reported that pressure from Censori's family members and friends had finally weakened the foundation of the architect's relationship with Ye and that the couple had separated. But a month later, they were spotted laughing and having a great time together during a trip to Miami.

Bianca Censori was allegedly sexually assaulted

In April 2024, TMZ reported that the LAPD was investigating Kanye West for suspected battery. He had allegedly struck a man in the head during an outing with Bianca Censori at the Chateau Marmont. Ye's rep responded to the report by accusing the alleged victim of sexually assaulting Censori. "He put his hands under her dress, directly on her body, he grabbed her waist, he spun her around, and then he blew her kisses," said the rep.

TMZ later spoke to witnesses who disputed the rep's claims. They said that the man Ye reportedly punched had not groped Censori — his body only made contact with hers because there were so many people jostling around inside the Marmont's lobby. On top of that, Ye's alleged victim wasn't even the individual who ran into Censori but his identical twin brother. On "The Download" podcast, Ye admitted that he didn't witness the incident himself and took Censori's word for what had transpired. He also confessed to confronting and attacking the twin, saying, "[He] had to go to bed early, tucked this n***a in."

When one of Ye's former assistants, model Lauren Pisciotta, sued him for wrongful termination and sexual harassment in 2024, Censori also played a small role in that legal drama. As reported by the Daily Mail, the architect was mentioned in Pisciotta's lawsuit. "Ye and Bianca Censori called [Pisciotta] wanting to discuss the orgy (five-some) they had participated in the day before," it read in part.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

The rumored reason Bianca Censori dresses the way she does

Bianca Censori's wardrobe repertoire eventually grew to include other revealing pieces besides her see-through bodysuits and tights — she's also frequently been photographed rocking stiff, apron-like bodysuits with open sides. It became evident that her distinctive looks were leaving a big impression on people when Kim Kardashian rocked an outfit that consisted of tights and a top with an open back. In response to photos of the look, one of Kardashian's Instagram followers wrote, "Cosplaying as the new mrs again?" Another asked, "Why do u look like your exes wife?" So, it seems that Bianca has officially achieved trendsetter status.

In March 2024, a source told Page Six that Bianca's outlandish ensembles are supposed to shock and awe. "She's a performance artist. Bianca is as much a performer as Ye is," the insider explained. One of the artist's pals backed this up by telling the outlet that Bianca's wardrobe and behavior changes when she's not with Ye. An example was a cafe outing with her mom and dad in Melbourne. "It was very obvious to us that she was acting like she was off the clock from a job," the friend said.

Speaking to the Herald Sun that same month, Bianca's sister, Angelina Censori, revealed that her family has no issue with the way Bianca dresses or with her husband. "We all support him," she said. As for rumors suggesting otherwise, Angelina added, "It's all just bulls**t."