We Finally Understand How Selena Gomez Spends Her Millions

Selena Gomez certainly had a different upbringing than many stars of her generation. While Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus, for example, grew up with well-off parents, Gomez had much more humble beginnings. 

In an interview with Business of Fashion, the starlet revealed she was raised by a single mother who had her when she was 16 years old. By a stroke of luck, she was spotted by Disney in 2002 and chosen to appear on Barney & Friends, moving to Los Angeles and thus beginning her career. "I can remember about seven times when our car got stuck on the highway because we'd run out of gas money," the "Come & Get It" crooner told Elle, noting that her mother "saved up to take [her] to concerts. She took [her] to museums, aquariums, to teach [her] about the world, about what's real."

Perhaps, it's because she understands the value of a hard-earned dollar that Gomez doesn't go out and splurge her fortune like many of her fellow A-list peers. While some pay to go to Hollywood's trendy hotspots, The Dead Won't Die actress prefers Chili's with her pals or even buying her wine at Target. Regardless, considering that the Grand Prairie-native is worth $60 million as of 2019, these small expenditures must leave her with a bunch of pocket money. So, do you wonder what she does with it? Keep reading to understand just how Selena Gomez spends her millions.

Selena Gomez is an antique collector

While a lot of her fellow pop stars spend their money on dresses and jewelry, Selena Gomez instead likes filling her home with visually stunning pieces. During an interview with Business Of Fashion, the "Hands to Myself" singer explained, "I love trinkets and memorabilia and antiques. I love music, so I buy a lot of stuff and movies. ...My house is so bare. ...It's very simple and cute."

When she does decide to spend money on clothes, however, Gomez loves going vintage in that regard, too. A designer she loves is Sami Miró, who makes her collections by reconstructing old pieces. According to The Daily Mail, the celeb is such a fan, she even bought Miró's entire first collection on pre-order! 

As for Gomez's obsession with old movies? You can see the love for retro film in her own music videos, as well. Per Vogue, the music video for "Back to You" actually plays homage to French New Wave director, Jean-Luc Godard, while the clothes show Gomez dressing up in iconic '60s French girl style.

Every star has a first splurge, right?

When Selena Gomez first received her own, Hollywood-sized paycheck, she decided to treat herself to something nice — a luxury brand, if you will. "Dolce & Gabbana," she exclaimed to People about her very first purchase. "I remember being really young and obsessed with Dolce, and I did buy a pair of black heels in Paris one time. They were cute, strappy, little heels. Sometimes you just have to!"

Besides the occasional splurge, however, the actress' closet isn't overflowing with luxe goods. "[My closet] is just kind of a mix. I have really great [designer] gifts from people, and my stylist will give me something cute. But other than that, it usually seems to be off the sales rack or just stuff that I enjoy." 

While some celebs attempt to be relatable but absolutely aren't, Gomez really does stick true to what she reveals in her interviews. Per Hollywood Life, she was once spotted on the red carpet wearing a $22 Forever 21 dress! The former Disney starlet actually revealed to People that when she does, in fact, wear pricy gowns at times for events, they're usually borrowed from designers themselves. "I don't even want to know how much they usually cost, but it's been really fun for me to dress up and get to meet different designers. I don't think I could ever actually purchase a huge gown unless it's my wedding dress!"

Come & Get It... because Selena Gomez is paying

Proving she's generous and wants those closest to her looked after, Selena Gomez loves showering her beaus with gifts. When the "Hands to Myself" crooner was dating The Weeknd back in 2017, she threw him a swanky soiree. Per TMZ, the starlet dropped $30,000 on her man's birthday — and wasn't even there to enjoy herself with him!

The surprise party happened in Hollywood, with The Weeknd's close friends Big Sean, 2 Chainz, French Montana, Travis Scott, Bryson Tiller, and Migos all in attendance. Shutting down the place from 11 p.m. until 2 a.m., the bill only grew and Gomez was nowhere in sight. It turned out, she was in New York for Fashion Week, so she left her boyfriend her credit card and told him to charge it. Not a bad deal!

Of course, while they were dating, the "Starboy" singer made sure he looked after his lady, too. Gushing to Business of Fashion, Gomez revealed, "My boyfriend just got me a beautiful Chanel bag, and [I love it.]" she went on, "It wasn't because it was a Chanel bag, it's because of where it came from and what it meant. So I wear it so proudly, and I feel cute when I have it on." Aw!

Everything is bigger in Texas

Originally from Texas, Selena Gomez decided to return to her old stomping grounds by buying herself a swanky pad in the state she was raised in. Although the starlet is actually from Grand Prairie, the singer purchased a mansion in Fort Worth for $3.5 million in November of 2015. Per Architectural Digest, "The private estate, located in the exclusive Montserrat neighborhood, features five bedrooms and six and a half baths, as well as three fireplaces, a game room, and a theater." If that wasn't enough, the property also boasts "a saltwater pool, a putting green, an outdoor kitchen and cabana, and a tennis and basketball court." Parties at Gomez's must be amazing in that yard. 

By 2017, the crooner sold the house for $3 million, as she couldn't spend as much time in it as she liked. Ashley Cook, Gomez's real estate agent told the local blog, Candy's Dirt, "She ended up only spending holidays there. Her work schedule takes her all over the place. But she really loved hanging out with her family in that media room." We hope the pop star has found another large home theatre to watch all her vintage flicks in. 

Selena Gomez's $300 (per hour) workout body cleanse

It's no secret Selena Gomez has struggled with depression and anxiety in the past. According to Today, the pop star faced a challenging year in 2018 when she discovered she had the autoimmune disease, lupus, and needed a kidney transplant, as well. With her health deteriorating, Gomez checked into a treatment facility for both depression and anxiety. "Everything affects your body, too," the singer revealed to Today. "So... if you're not taking care of everything going on in here, you can't expect it all to be okay inside."

With such alarming health scares, it's no wonder the "Wolves" singer is focused on making sure she stays in tip-top shape. As a source told E! News, Gomez is "focused on her physical and mental well-being." 

So, what does that entail? A gym membership of a whopping $300 an hour. Per E! News, the celeb goes to an LA-based hot pilates class as a way to stay healthy. An insider dished to the site, "She loves that the heat truly cleanses her body and she has been feeling much better since going frequently." Another source noted, "the classes take place in 95-degree heated studios with music, where participants use light weights and resistance bands among other workout tools to work up a sweat, sculpt muscles and improve posture."

Selena Gomez's melodramatic Calabasas home

Selena Gomez's former Texas mansion isn't the only one to be envious of, as she was once the proud owner of a $3.69 million Calabasas estate, too. According to Variety, the five-bedroom and 5.5 bathroom abode was 7,786-square feet, featuring amenities such as a loggia with outdoor fireplace, "melodramatic double-height formal living and dining rooms," and a gallery. Best of all, Gomez found yet another room to watch all her fave flicks in, as the pad is complete with a giant home studio.

So, why would she ever leave such a stunning dream mansion, and why didn't she profit from it? Per TMZ, the starlet ended up selling her house after a mere year and a half to French Montana for $3.3 million — $150k under the listing price. It seems like a bad play on the starlet's part, but she definitely had a reason to fly the coop.

As revealed by TMZ, as it turns out, only days after Gomez initially moved in, she had to make various 911 calls for a stalker that just wouldn't go away. According to the goss site, the stalker was finally arrested after he was caught inside her guest house on the property and charged with burglary and trespassing. Yikes!

Selena Gomez's BMW upgrade

Although she's not seen collecting flashy whips like, say, Kylie Jenner for example, Selena Gomez certainly has the money to buy herself a nice car — which is precisely what she did when she purchased her BMW X5. 

A present for herself on her 21st birthday, Gomez dished to omg! Insider (via Yahoo! Entertainment), "I've had the same car since I was 16. I had the same car forever, so I've waited long enough and 21 was perfect... I got a BMW X5." The luxury SUV isn't cheap, and trust us, it's a total upgrade to what the starlet was driving before. 

So, what exactly is the old car the former Disney actress was talking about? It was her very reasonable Ford Escape. According to the Huffington Post, when Gomez was just 16, her biggest "splurge" was buying the $34,000 car, even if she was making way more money starring in Wizards of Waverly Place and her concerts. In fact, the first thing she did when she received her very first paycheck was entirely rational. "I think [my first paycheck] went into living [in Los Angeles] because we had to move from Texas, so I think we just had to pay for it." 

Selena Gomez flies private... with fast food

Always coy with her spending habits, it's never been 100% confirmed that Selena Gomez owns her own private jet, but it seems highly likely. Seen posing in and outside of various luxury airplanes on her Instagram page, if the pop star does own one, it's definitely her most pricy purchase. 

Regardless, when Gomez does decide to share her life in the sky to her millions of fans, she still manages to be as relatable as you can possibly be while lounging in a private jet. Per Daily Mail, Gomez once posted a photo of herself reclining on a plane, enjoying some McDonald's while she ices her legs after a grueling concert.

Back in the day, while the "Good for You" songstress was dating Justin Bieber, the duo was frequently spotted boarding private jets together. Something tells us, however, that Bieb's tastes in million-dollar aircrafts may be ever-so-slightly showier than his now-ex girlfriend's. 

Selena Gomez's personal Fellini film

For her 27th birthday in 2019, Selena Gomez did what most other A-list millionaires do with their summers — take a group of friends for a spectacularly glam vacation all over Italy. According to Elle, in true, modest Selena fashion, the actress only shared two photos on her Instagram page, preferring to take in the sights and sounds (not to mention delicious carbs) in real life. The pictures she did post, however, were utterly stunning, and spoke for her love of vintage movies, such as this shot with the caption, "Me, Italy -trying desperately to look like a Fellini film."

Although we don't have much to go on regarding her trip, you can guarantee drool-worthy food was involved. As dished by E! News, Gomez took her crew for a birthday lunch in an expensive seafood restaurant in Rome, as well. Dining at Pierluigi, a source noted that the group gorged on "several dishes such as raw fish, tagliatelle with lobster, pasta with vodka sauce and various salads."

The girls' trip didn't just stop in the capital city of Italy, however, as the posse decided to go south, right along the Amalfi Coast. As revealed by Daily Mail, Gomez, along with her group of friends, got a chance to enjoy a boat trip, away from the swarms of paps she's so regularly used to. 

A glam wedding dress... but not for herself

Selena Gomez may get the ultimate cousin award for this feat of generosity. As revealed by Elle, the "Fetish" hitmaker once bought her cousin and best friend, Priscilla DeLeon, her wedding dress. "When your maid of honor makes your dream dress a reality and surprises you with it," DeLeon gushed on her Instagram page. Adorable! 

You'd think that would be enough, but Gomez decided to go even farther with her gift. In 2019, she also gave her cousin the ultimate beach bachelorette vacation ever — in Mexico. According to Elle, DeLeon announced on her social media page, "My maid of honor really showed out this weekend and threw me the bachelorette party of my dreams. I am forever grateful."

What exactly went down during the tropical soiree? Per E! News, a source revealed that the group spent a lot of time at the beach and the pool, along with having "rented ATVs and rode through the jungle and to the top of a mountain." As it turns out, Gomez is quite agile in the water, too! "They took out stand up paddleboards from the beach shack and Selena paddled around the bay with no problem," the insider continued to dish. "She started off on her knees but quickly stood up and was good at it."

Selena Gomez gives back to the most important person in her life

While she bestows countless gifts and generous gestures upon her friends and beaus, Selena Gomez also ensures she looks after the most important person in her — her mom. 

According to InStyle, the starlet treated her mom to an early Mother's Day gift, making sure to gush about it on her Instagram page. "As the new face of Coach, they gave me the opportunity to personalize this bag for my Momma. ...This is a very common exchange between the two of us. Happy (early) Mother's Day to the woman who is the reason for my existence." Cute! 

Considering Gomez talks about her mom any chance she gets, she's surely been even more generous to her more times than we can count. When Time honored the pop star for being a trailblazer and being the first user to reach 100 million followers on Instagram, Gomez made sure to give her mom credit immediately. "When I started working, my mom was the person in my life that helped guide me through most of that. She was 16 [when she gave birth to me], so we kind of grew up together. Everything that I am has become a little bit of what my mom's gone through."

Selena Gomez's luxe bungalow pad

Along with her more modern purchases, Selena Gomez also snagged a Studio City bungalow — this one harking back to her love for all things retro and fab. According to Page Six, the house was built in the 1950s, and the songstress originally snagged it for $2,249,000, before proceeding to sell it for $2.79 million, per Variety

Amenities of this adorably vintage flat include herringbone-patterned brick floors, private hedges, and white wood throughout. Inside, the house "opens to a formal living and dining space, wide-plank oak floors and updated lighting. An open kitchen, media space, library with fireplace and casual dining room allow a natural flow for entertaining guests. The open space continues outdoors with a trellised patio, kitchen and dining area, grassy lawn and stone-rimmed pool and spa, which lead to a redone guesthouse and a bath."

Although the adorable space was a dream pad for some, Gomez has a pretty good reason for selling it. During a press conference for her flick, Hotel Transylvania 3 (via Elle), the actress revealed, "I don't even live in LA anymore. I don't pay attention to trying to get people to like me as much." Totally fair! So, where could we possibly see the starlet settling down? Perhaps New York. As she once revealed to E! News, "I've always said that I want to have a love affair and live there."