The Truth About JoJo Siwa's Cars

There are way worse places to self-quarantine than JoJo Siwa's mansion. Nevertheless, the YouTube sensation still craved a change in scenery. That's why she decided to spend 24 hours in her car, which is a Tesla covered with photos of her face, by the way. Naturally, she turned the experience into a video that dropped on April 6, 2020. 

To occupy her time, she was equipped with toys, a coloring book, and a bow maker — all from her stockpile of merchandise. The Gen-Z queen had her camera, computer, and chargers to document the experience. Siwa turned her trunk into a "lounge" full of brightly colored pillows and blankets. She passed the time by singing along to her own bop, "D.R.E.A.M." Even with all of that, the "Dance Moms" alum said she was "bored" an hour later. Spoiler alert: Siwa only lasted three hours.

While the Nickelodeon superstar has more than enough money to trick out her own car, the custom Tesla was actually a gift from Kyler and Madison Fisher, better known as "Kyler and Mad" on YouTube. In typical YouTuber fashion, they gave Siwa the gift while filming for their channel in October 2019. In the video, the teen told them, "I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you for this." Kyler had the best response: "Let's just do another viral video together, you know what I'm sayin'?" A viral video is the new social currency these days.

JoJo Siwa got a car to celebrate her concert tour

In December 2018, JoJo Siwa's parents got her a BMW 4 Series Convertible for Christmas, but with a brightly colored twist, of course. The car was decorated in honor of her D.R.E.A.M. concert tour at West Coast Customs — yes, the car shop featured on Pimp My Ride back in the day. 

In a YouTube video posted to her channel on December 30, 2018, the singer gave a "tour" of the vehicle. The BMW convertible has the tour logo and Siwa's face on the hood of the car. There are stars and unicorns all over the doors. Even the tires are custom. One tire is pink, another is blue, and the other two are purple and yellow. Inside the car are more logos and some rhinestones surrounding the air conditioning and radio controls.

There are also some specific rules for anyone who rides in the car. In the YouTube video, Siwa said, "I haven't talked about this on camera yet. I have a rule in my car and that rule is that the only people we are allowed to listen to in this vehicle [are] Queen and my music." She continued, "So, all day every day when I'm driving, we're listening to anything by Queen or anything by me. I mean it is the D.R.E.A.M. car, so we do have to listen to D.R.E.A.M. very often." She truly is the queen of self-promotion at all times. 

Justin Bieber told JoJo Siwa to burn her car

Just like most teens today, JoJo Siwa shared photos of her new car on social media. The only difference? Millions of people see her posts, including Justin Bieber. The Biebs was not a fan of the personalized vehicle. Not. At. All. In December 2018, West Coast Customs reposted a photo that Siwa originally shared and the "Yummy" singer commented "Burn It." Ouch.

For the record, Siwa was only 15 at the time. Her young age coupled with her super loyal following led to some backlash against Bieber. Eventually, he addressed the controversy on Twitter, writing, "I have nothing against you it was the car and the colors I didn't like I really hope you didn't think it was malicious or mean spirited." Technically, he didn't actually apologize, but it's not "too late now to say sorry." 

Siwa took it all in stride, attempting to negotiate in response. She tweeted, "it's all good bro! you can perform at my 16th birthday party and we'll call it good!" Unfortunately, that performance did not end up happening. However, in April 2019, BuzzFeed noted that she ended up performing at the party — there's no better singer to celebrate Siwa's birthday than Siwa herself. Who else is going to come through with that infectious energy and vibrant style? It's no surprise that the young star's car collection is like everything else in her life: brightly colored, authentic, and expensive, of course. 

JoJo Siwa's car has been childishly vandalized

As with Justin Bieber, not everyone lights up at the sight of a colorfully bold and busy car. While the singer shared his criticism online, others tend to take things a little too far in reality. JoJo Siwa's Tesla — the one sporting a print of her own face — was the target of an old-school prank typically reserved for something like Halloween or homecoming shenanigans. In 2021, Siwa posted on Instagram Stories that the cheery vehicle had been egged. Oddly enough, the last time we've thought about egging was during Bieber's legal troubles.

Stepping out on her way to work, the YouTube star discovered patches of egg yolk on her car and the surrounding sidewalk with bits of egg shell still stuck in places. "Look at that!" she said in the video while showing off the mess. "Nice one, people! Somebody egged my car last night!" Siwa also captioned the post, "Appreciate it!!" with a smiley, keeping consistent with her positive vibes.

She opened up about receiving hate on NBC's "Nightly News," reiterating that she tries to brush it off. "People will drive by the house actually and shout out very mean things. And I always come up with the funniest comebacks," she explained. Siwa acknowledge that despite her happy attitude, the brutal comments can be difficult to face. "It hurts, but as a person, you want people to be nice — and you're never, ever gonna please everybody."

Fans can get their very own JoJo Siwa car

Sure, you might not be able to swing a huge purchase of a customized JoJo Siwa car, but she has made it possible for fans to get something that is close enough — well, perhaps not nearly as thrilling as a Tesla. For kids or collectors who love the vibrant styling that has become synonymous with Siwa's brand, there is a toy out there: JoJo's Dream Car!

Expanding her very own Barbie-like toy line, JoJo dolls were given the perfect accessory with colorful play cars that mimic her very own fleet. The toy car varieties include a D.R.E.A.M. theme that nods to her single from 2021 and the tour that followed, a rainbow checkered racing print, and a California Cruiser pastel tie-dye option. She also posted on social media to show off a Power Wheels JoJo Siwa Jeep Wrangler for kids to really live the dream and drive around in their purple and teal battery-powered ride. It has its own special flair with a sticker of Siwa herself along with stars, music notes, hearts, and cupcakes.

These items represent a very small percent of Siwa merch out there, and even when creating a franchise at a young age, she has always been hands-on with the products. "I probably spend most of my time with JoJo toys," she told Forbes. "They are the biggest seller, followed by: accessories, apparel and then bedding." Siwa's image makes for an easy toy empire.

Paris Hilton has thoughts on JoJo Siwa's car

JoJo Siwa has plenty of interactions with big-name celebrities, but in 2020, a very cool reality crossover of "The Simple Life" and "Dance Moms" was revealed for a TikTok Live fashion session, via Daily Mail. Paris Hilton invited Siwa over to go through her closet to celebrate fashion week and they immediately got distracted by their love of eye-catching cars.

"Oh my God, your car is epic," Hilton said as her guest arrived at her home in Beverly Hills. She gave a close-up look of the design in the video, capturing all the smiling faces of Siwa next to her own custom holographic BMW i8 Roadster. "This is literally so incredible, like this is something I would do," she lightly laughed while considering a "Paris-mobile" with her own face. The fun of the day continued and the pair even swapped styles in a post on Instagram, which marked a milestone for the young performer. "First day in heels.... feelin like a 'boss babe,'" she wrote in the caption.

Hilton isn't the only reality star impressed by Siwa. When she made the list for TIME's 100 Most Influential People of 2020 at the age of 17, Kim Kardashian spoke highly of her talent, outlook, and influence. "As a parent, you want your kids to admire positive figures. There's no one more positive than JoJo." As a recognized role model, the opportunities for Siwa throughout her impressive rise seem endless.