Amber Rose's Isolation Look Is Unrecognizable

While the coronavirus pandemic has famous folks hunkering down during the stay-at-home orders, the time away from their stylists, barbers, and makeup artists has resulted in many stars looking drastically different from how they tend to appear onscreen. Frankly, some celebs have even opted to embrace self-administered makeovers that make them practically unrecognizable. Just check out Pink who went back to her natural hair color, Hilary Duff who embraced a bold new 'do, Taika Waititi who let his kids shave his hair off, and Chris Noth who has no hair at all. Honestly, you never know what your favorite figure is going to look like the next time you see them on social media.

That certainly applies to Amber Rose, who looks nothing like she used to. The model and actress who Oxygen notes is "known for her iconic bleached blonde buzzcut," opened up about her signature style while chatting with Refinery29 in 2016. "I grew up in Philly. Eve [who was known for her short hairstyle] was really popular," she pointed out.

However, not everyone was on board with the idea. The star explained, "All of my friends were like, 'Please don't do it, Amber.' And, of course, me, [I] just rebelled against everyone." Rose's look may have come about, in part, because she's from Philly, but her new look is straight-up Malibu.

Amber Rose's new look is Malibu-esque

If you're a fan of Amber Rose, you might be aware of the fact that she's been playing around with her style while in isolation. On April 19, 2020, she took to Instagram to share a shot of herself wearing a sweater, big pants, sneakers, sunnies, a thick chain, and a sideways hat, which is definitely different from the silky, fluffy, and form-fitting clothes that she usually wears. And if you think that's a change from her normal style, then take a look at the selfie that she posted on April 24.

"Hood B***h look like she from Malibu," the star captioned the photo that shows her wearing a long, dark blonde wig. With rosy eyeshadow and pink lips, the makeover certainly gives the stunning star a slightly softer look. That is, until you catch a glimpse of her forehead tattoo which proves that she's still as fierce as ever.

Fans were absolutely into the change, leaving comments along the lines of "Stunning," and "Loooooove this color on uuuuuuuuu."

The new look didn't last long, though. Just a few days after showing off the longer 'do — which is something that she likes to embrace from time to time — Rose posted a video rocking her iconic buzzcut. But considering the fact that you can never predict what this star will do next, we'll have to wait and see if she introduces other unexpected styles in the future, which she surely will.

There's a 'corny' reason Amber Rose sometimes wears wigs

Amber Rose likes to switch things up when it comes to her wigs, sometimes popping up in a dark blonde one as she did in April 2020, and sometimes opting for platinum blonde, crimson red, bold brunette, and even purple (or rather, "Electric Lavender Locks"). While the model obviously enjoys playing with various colors, she has another reason for occasionally wearing wigs.

"I'm kind of just getting bored and ... right now I just want to grow my hair out, so that's why I'm wearing a lot of different wigs," she told Us Weekly in 2017. She also explained a specific motivation for the longer 'do, saying, "I really, really want a ponytail. I know it might sound corny, but as a girl it's been so many years since I've pulled my hair back in a ponytail and I just miss it!"

We wonder if she's also missing getting snazzied up for big events while in isolation, because along with playing with wigs, Rose has also been playing around with her makeup, which resulted in yet another unexpected look.

Amber Rose is also playing with her makeup in quarantine

Amber Rose has been mixing up more than just her hair during the coronavirus stay-at-home period. The star also hopped onto Instagram on April 18, 2020 to show fans an unusual look. Sticking with her short hair and no wig, she instead caught her followers' attention with the makeup she was wearing. 

With dark liner on her upper eyes and white liner on the bottom, her slightly pink shadowed eyelids matched her glossy pink lips, which would have made for an understated yet lovely look. However, she also had a pair of dots above each eyebrow with more small spots drawn down each cheek.

While the comments on the post made it clear that plenty of people were into what Rose was trying out, she doesn't always feel like it's necessary to primp. While chatting with The Cut in 2016, she admitted that she "feel[s] so beautiful and so pure" without makeup. She explained, "It's so funny, because I personally wear pounds and pounds of it because I do TV. Sometimes, it really feels good to have a fresh clean face with nothing on it besides shea butter."

"It's about being confident, individual, and doing your own thing when it comes to beauty and makeup," she continued. "It doesn't have to be a trend. Whatever makes you feel pretty. Everyone doesn't have to do the same thing." She certainly proves that by seemingly slaying whatever she's doing.