Inside Jordan Peele And Chelsea Peretti's Relationship

Comedian-turned-horror flick mastermind Jordan Peele and comedian-actress Chelsea Peretti share one of the most low-key relationships in Hollywood. But that's hardly a coincidence: In a town where marriages are known to be short-lived and, well, odd, many of Tinseltown's most successful, long-term romances are often the most private

But even though Peele and Peretti don't typically make headlines as a couple (this hilarious duo gets plenty of press for their solo projects), the tidbits they have shared about their relationship are as certifiably adorable and delightfully quirky as they are. "My life was so atypical in that traditional sense," Peretti revealed to Slashfilm in January 2020. "And having a kid and getting married seemed like the most crazy choice and the most wild adventure." Meanwhile, Peele once told People of their longtime romance: "I know this is just a perfect situation, because every day it gets better." (Cue: chorus of awws.)

While there's no word on this celeb pairing starring on their own series, Peretti and Peele, yet (hey, we can dream), there's still plenty to learn about their real-life partnership. From their thoroughly modern meet-cute to their sweet, funny, and undeniably real adventures in parenting, let's take a look inside Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti's relationship.

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti met on Twitter

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti have a truly modern romance — and like all good modern fairy tales, their love story begins on the internet. Seriously. 

These lovebirds actually first connected on Twitter back in 2013 (just further proof that sliding into someone's DMs might actually lead to a long-term love). According to the former Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, it was Peele who made the first move after one of her many comedic projects caught his attention. "He was very complimentary of the Web series I once did," she later told Entertainment Weekly.

Although Peretti never specified which of her projects had impressed Peele, we'd put smart money on Chelsea Peretti's All My Exes, a six-episode web series released in 2009. In the series, Peretti interviews her "exes" (not her actual exes though — these people were played by fellow comedians, like Saturday Night Live alumni Fred Armisen and Amy Poehler). 

One year after their Twitter flirtation started, Peele put Peretti's comedy chops to work in his Comedy Central series, Key and Peele, appearing as an Art Show Presenter in the episode, "Sex Addict Wendell." By then, things were clearly already serious. "Am I supposed to talk about the fact that we live together?" Peretti asked Entertainment Weekly with a laugh. "Or should I pretend he's a business colleague?"

But some sources say Andy Samberg helped play matchmaker

Although Chelsea Peretti has gone on the record dubbing Twitter as the official location of her and Jordan Peele's digital meet-cute, other versions of their romance origin story have made the rounds over the years. In particular, some sources have given credit to her longtime pal-turned-Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star, Andy Samberg, for playing matchmaker.

"As soon as Andy learned that Jordan expressed an interest in Chelsea he was on it," an insider close to the couple claimed to Dish Nation (via Bustle). "Andy knew this was a great match so he made it very simple — he told Chelsea that Jordan was a good man and she needed to give him a shot. Before you knew it, the two of them were hooking up and now they're inseparable."

Whether there's truth to the rumor that Samberg set Peretti and Peele up or not, it's clear that these three funny peeps are good friends in real life. In addition to his long personal and professional history with childhood friend Peretti, a sweet snapshot of Samberg having a grand old time with Peretti, Peele, and Melissa Fumero at fellow B99 star Stephanie Beatriz's wedding made the rounds in the Twittersphere in 2018.

Jordan Peele proposed to Chelsea Peretti during a family talent show

By 2015, Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti were serving up major #RelationshipGoals. "We stay at home, cook, do the dishes, and improvise musicals," Peele told Vulture in September 2015. He went on to quip: "One of our best ones was Monica Lewinsky: The Musical. It was for older Midwestern people traveling to New York to see something." For her part, Peretti added, "It was just making fun of the convention of musicals that think they are being very dirty and brash."

We're not saying that we wouldn't see that musical should these two ever decide to actually make it a reality, but we must move on — because just two months later, Peele and Peretti were engaged. And their engagement story is unique ... even by Hollywood standards. That November, the happy couple shared the exciting news with fans on Twitter. While Peele kept the announcement short and sweet, simply tagging Peretti and adding a diamond ring emoji, the bride-to-be gave some more details about the proposal: alongside flower and heart emojis, Peretti wrote, "My fiancé (lololol) @JordanPeele proposed to me last night during the family talent show lolol."

While we're not sure exactly what went down at this family talent show, we're sure that the proposal itself was equal parts creative and romantic. What we do know, however, is that the announcement got lots of love from fellow celebs and pals in the industry, and that Peretti was later spotted wearing a gorgeous princess-cut rock on that finger. #EngagementGoals, indeed.

They did a hilarious commercial series ahead of their real-life wedding

Following their engagement announcement, Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti partnered with for a series of fun, wedding-themed commercials (via Also featuring the groom-to-be's longtime comedy partner, Keegan-Michael Key, the engaged pair played versions of themselves using the website (naturally) to search for their perfect wedding venue and destination — and let's just say the ideas got pretty darn creative. 

The eight-video ad campaign included some pretty normal nuptials ideas — such as, tying the knot on beautiful island beach — but they also showcased some decidedly less popular wedding options, like a majestic, rustic yurt (which is interrupted by an owl who's not afraid to throw down and defend its territory). But even the much more chill and romantic aforementioned beach ceremony came complete with joyous laughter and a stereotypical joint ride on a white horse in the ocean. (You know, as you do.) Both fantasy wedding sequences involved one pivotal feature, however: The presence of Peele and Peretti's adorable pup, who just so happened to be the only guest at their actual wedding. 

"We loved the idea of blurring fact and fiction," Peretti told People. Meanwhile, Peele added, "It was fun to create a heightened world based around our real wedding."

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti ended up eloping

Surprise! In April 2016, Jordan Peele revealed that he and Chelsea Peretti had gotten hitched during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. "I am married to actress Chelsea Peretti," he simply stated. At this, comedy partner Keegan-Michael Key quipped, "And I am not married to actress Chelsea Peretti ... we're just dating."

But wait, did we miss something? The following day, Peretti took to Instagram to confirm that they'd tied the knot in secret. "Eloped a bit ago," she simply wrote alongside heart and flower emojis, captioning a cute snapshot of their Hawaiian-shirt sporting dog, who was sitting next to her bouquet and a wedding band. "Our only witness was this lil guy️." Aww.

A whole two years later, Peretti revealed that they'd chosen a romantic, rustic, and (of course) low-key location for their spontaneous nuptials: Big Sur, Calif. They took the whole eloping thing very seriously and didn't tell a single soul about the wedding — except for their dog, who just so happened to serve as their only witness, and a woman named Soaring, who officiated the ceremony. Speaking with Conan O'Brien, Peretti shared rare details about the relationship milestone (or rather, the aftermath). "We made these whole big photo books for everyone afterwards, and ... four out of four left them at our house," she explained of her and Peele's loved ones. "In retrospect, it's just photos of us having a great time at a party they weren't invited to ... It's sort of fair."

Chelsea Peretti took on Beyoncé with her pregnancy announcement

In February 2017, Beyoncé shook the internet to its core when she revealed that she was pregnant with her and husband Jay-Z's adorable twins, Rumi and Sir. Just days after Queen Bey's announcement, Chelsea Peretti similarly took to Instagram to announce that she and her husband, Jordan Peele, were also expecting. 

But while the "Halo" singer's social media-shattering pregnancy post was a gorgeous, professionally-shot pic of herself wearing a veil and sitting in front of an epic wreath of flowers, Peretti's was ... well, let's just say of a slightly lower production value. The One of the Greats comedian, posing in a gray t-shirt and long, white cardigan, took a low-res mirror selfie in a room with lots of mirrors and even more twinkle lights, and smiled a bit awkwardly at the camera while showing off her baby bump. 

Beyoncé captioned her pic with a thoughtful message: "We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes." Peretti, on the other hand, kept it short and sassy, hilariously taking on Bey in her own caption, writing simply, "beyonce schmonce." 

Peretti and Peele welcomed son Beaumont Gino Peele in July 2017. "We've gotten such a warm reaction," Peele told People during his wife's pregnancy. "And people, I think correctly, are already observing that this child will be comedy gold."

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti are relatable (and hilarious) parents

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti are the proud parents to a young son, who, as of this writing in 2020, is three years old. They may be a low-key couple by Hollywood standards, but given the origin story of their love, it's only appropriate that these two have documented some of the best (and most hilarious) moments from their parenthood journey on Twitter. 

In July 2019, for example, Peele revealed to his Twitter followers, "Chelsea just beat our two year old son in a race." In response, Peretti wrote, "u just asked our son 'do you want to watch me write?'" Since we're all obviously invested in this tale already, here's how the rest of the Twitter chain played out. Peele explained, "The 1st prize in the race was a hug from daddy. She beat him by at least 30 ft." Peretti, never one not to get the final word, added, "but I got that hug from daddy though." 

The stand-up comedian has also gotten very real on Instagram about the intricate dance that working moms go through to balance professional and motherhood obligations, like maintaining a pumping schedule. Peretti even shared a pumping selfie from the 2018 SAG Awards. We applaud the TV star for using her platform to destigmatize breast feeding and pumping in public for moms everywhere.

No, Jordan Peele's Get Out was not inspired by Chelsea Peretti's family

Jordan Peele's horror/satire film, Get Out, was nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, which tackled racism and racked up the awards in 2018. Writer-director Peele even made history as the first Black person to win the Oscar for best original screenplay.

However, a Twitter user suggested that the movie left them questioning what the family of Peele's wife, Chelsea Peretti, is like, writing in a since-deleted tweet (via Refinery29): "Just saw #getout and it was AMAZING but did make me wonder what @chelseaperetti family thought about it when they saw it." Peretti, naturally, didn't miss a beat. "We all cried for weeks," she jokingly replied. "We were so hurt to see our family secrets exposed in this documentary."

Indeed, when The New York Times asked Peele whether his own experiences meeting a white partner's parents inspired aspects of the screenplay, he confirmed that meeting the Peretti fam was nothing like the nightmare experience that the protagonist of his hit social horror film endures. "I had a Caucasian girlfriend a while ago," Peele began. "I remember specifically asking if the parents knew I was black. She said no. That scared me. It turned out to be totally fine, but I didn't want to even see an adjustment on someone's face when they realized it's not what they thought." 

Chelsea Peretti's life was headed in a different direction before meeting Jordan Peele

While Jordan Peele once called marriage "the best thing in [his] life" (via USA Today), Chelsea Peretti later revealed that she wasn't necessarily expecting — or even looking — to be a wife and mother before she met her future husband. But, as it so often does, meeting "The One" changed her life path in a big and very permanent way. 

In a January 2020 interview with Slashfilm, Peretti opened up about the societal pressures women often feel to settle down and start a family: "I had a sort of nontraditional path which was stand up comedy, so I never felt that exact kind of expectation." She added, "I really could have seen my life going in lots of different ways and, I really was starting to be like, you know what, maybe I'll just be traveling the world with my hilarious friends and that'll be an amazing life."

Of the impact Peele had on her life trajectory, Peretti continued, "I wasn't despondent, but I didn't think there were any good men in LA. I thought I would have better chances in New York, but then luckily Jordan appeared and then I had a different path."

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti are known to gush about each other

Ever since first getting together in 2013, Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti have reminded us all time and again that they share a truly supportive and loving relationship. And honestly? We just want to celebrate that. 

Amid the success of Get Out, the 2018 awards season saw Peele gush over his wife — and the whole world swooned. Speaking with Us Weekly at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, he said, "There is a lot of time you've got to put into coming to events and talking to people who are interested in the film. I just couldn't have asked for a more supportive partner, really." The writer-director added, "When it gets tough, I get to come home and have the funniest person in the world in the room with me. I am forever blessed."

But Peele wasn't alone in the public love-fest department. Peretti did plenty of Twitter gushing about her husband in the lead-up to Get Out's big night at the Academy Awards. Basically, any time an article or survey came out that pointed out what an Oscar-worthy masterpiece the horror movie was, Peretti was there to share the link and emphatically agree. During a 2019 interview with The New York Times, she had this to say about Peele's follow-up film, Us: "I'm purely doing this out of duty to my marriage, but I will say it's very scary, it's very good and I've been thinking about some of the deeper themes ever since."