These Are The Only Big Brother: All Stars Players Never To Land The Final 3

While numerous reality TV productions had to make some adjustments in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Big Brother has been about that quarantine lifestyle since the very beginning of the show. In fact, they even take things up a notch by almost completely cutting off access to the outside world. The only true change that production made in regards to the coronavirus pandemic? Contestants can't hug host Julie Chen or get remotely near her during their exit interviews. 

However, there is something else unique about the 22nd season: it's an All Stars season. That means that every contestant has lived in the house before — some of them multiple times. Additionally, most of contestants fared pretty well on their respective seasons, according to a houseguest breakdown on Reddit

Nicole Franzel and Ian Terry were the only previous winners to enter the game in August 2020. Cody Calafiore, Daniele Donato, Memphis Garrett, and Tyler Crispin were so close to winning that $500K check with second place finishes. There are also a bunch of players on BB22 who know what it feels like to make it to finale night (i.e. get in the top three). Nicole Anthony, Kevin Campbell, Janelle Pierzina, Enzo Palumbo, and Christmas Abbott all made it that far, which was impressive. Additionally, Janelle and Nicole A won the prize for America's Favorite Houseguest, which earned them $25K. 

Although most of the BB22 players have made it to the final three on previous seasons, there are some contestants who never got that far in the game. 

Four Big Brother All Stars have never been in the top three

Big Brother 22 marked Kaysar Ridha's third time in the Big Brother house. He finished in tenth place on Season 6 and Season 7, but he did get one "first" under his belt. He was the first houseguest to get voted back into the house by the fans, which happened on BB6. Da'Vonne Rogers is also a member of the three-timers club. On BB17, she left the house in 16th place, not even making it into the jury house. She did a little bit better the next season, earning 11th place and a spot in the jury. Bayleigh Dayton's highest placement in a Big Brother season happened on BB20 when she had an 11th place finish.

David Alexander was the first person to get eliminated when he competed on BB21. He wasn't even evicted, though. Instead, he fell victim to a twist during the first challenge and was automatically sent home, earning 16th place. He had a major come-up during BB22, making it to the jury house and the top eight.

Although Kaysar, Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, and David didn't play their way to finale night, they are favored by many BB fans, which is the next best thing to actually winning.