The Bachelorette: Why Blake Moynes Preferred Dating Tayshia Over Clare

The Bachelorette 2020 was a season like no other. First, the season got postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Secondly, once the season began, filming was seriously altered to comply with safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. To top it all off, leading lady Clare Crawley fell in love with Dale Moss only weeks into the season, paving the way for a second lead: Tayshia Adams. It was a lot.

Not only was it intense for fans and viewers, but it was also extremely intense for the cast of guys who showed up hoping to find love. One contestant who had an especially intense time was Blake Moynes. Even before filming began, Blake broke an important rule by reaching out to Clare and their chemistry was unique enough that an expert weighed in on their connection.

Once Clare left, Blake had to get over his feelings for Clare to see where he stood with Tayshia. He did end up staying on for several more weeks, enough that on one group date, Blake's artwork was so unique it made fans absolutely cringe. Blake wound up leaving without finding love but he still had a really interesting take on the whole season. In fact, he had a better time with Tayshia as the lead. Here's why.

Blake had a more 'organic' connection with Tayshia

Blake Moynes spoke with E! Online about how the season differed with Clare Crawley as the lead, compared to Tayshia Adams. He admitted that Clare's instant love for Dale Moss made Blake feel like Clare wasn't as invested in him. "Clare didn't really give me the time of day," Blake said to E!, adding, "she fell so hard for Dale that it was easy to... move on to Tayshia."

Blake had an idea though for future seasons to prevent early expectations. "I think it would be okay if all the contestants knew a ton about the lead but the lead didn't know a lot about the contestants," Blake suggested.

The lack of expectations actually helped his relationship with Tayshia, in Blake's opinion. "Tayshia was more organic. I came with no expectations. It was loose and it was fun. And with Claire, I was very tense. It was riding on a lot because I had convinced myself that this was gonna work," Blake explained. "So there was a lot of pressure. There's two sides to that I think. A little bit of each, but I don't think the lead should have full knowledge of all the contestants because then it kind of ruins everything," Blake added. 

Blake could be referring to the time when Clare told ET that she looked up several contestants on social media before meeting them. Who knows? Maybe Blake's point would lead to more "organic" connections, like the one he had with Tayshia.