90 Day Fiance: Who Is Colt Johnson's Fiancee, Vanessa Guerra?

90 Day Fiancé star Colt Johnson is known for his ladies. From his explosive relationship with ex-wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima to his love for mother Debbie Johnson, Colt's had his work cut out for him balancing the women in his life. His love triangle on Season 6 of Happily Ever After? with Brazilian beauty Jess Caroline also proved to be a dramatic failure, with Colt allegedly cheating on his soon-to-be fiancee. Now, after appearing on multiple seasons of the hit TLC franchise, Colt has another role in front of the reality TV cameras: dating! 

Fans can watch Colt meet new women during Discovery+ spinoff series 90 Day: The Single Lifepremiering on the streaming platform Feb. 21, 2021. Between Colt's OnlyFans account and his passion for the Las Vegas singles scene, will he actually find love? 

Turns out, Colt maybe already has...and it's a familiar face for 90 Day Fiancé fans. Keep scrolling to find out everything we know about Colt's fiancee, Vanessa Guerra! 

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra started as friends with benefits

The way to Colt Johnson's heart is through his mother, Debbie Johnson. While audiences saw Debbie defend Colt's "friends with benefits" relationship with Vanessa Guerra — even letting Vanessa move in with them while Colt was dating Jess Caroline — it's clear Debbie is glad to have a daughter-in-law she approves of. According to ScreenRant, Vanessa frequently appears on Debbie's social media in photos alongside the family's six cats. Fans also speculate that Debbie is pushing Colt to date Vanessa since she is already an American citizen and won't have to go through the K-1 visa process, like Colt's exes. 

90 Day: The Single Life is rumored to capture Vanessa and Colt's engagement, per The ThingsEx-wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima reposted a leaked production image with the caption, "Congratulations to my ex." 

Vanessa also has been vocal about her relationship with Colt on social media, sharing a photo of herself and Colt drinking a cocktail with two straws on Instagram in July 2020. Her comment? "Best friends...with benefits." 

Like Colt, Vanessa has also been divorced. Her ex-husband True Lamaun revealed that he believes Vanessa cheated on him with Colt. "He doesn't care who he hurts...He's all about the show," True told 90 Day blogger John Yates, per Cheat Sheet. True claims that their engagement is strictly for the reality show. 

Looks like fans will just have to tune in to find out!