Why Bachelor Fans Think Matt James' Story With Heather Martin Isn't Over

The Bachelor drama *truly* never stops! Season 25 was jam-packed with bullying accusations, rumors of dual Bachelorettes, and host Chris Harrison's dismissal. Seriously, a lot has happened.

But just when you thought the drama had reached its peak (SPOILERS AHEAD!) a rumor surfaced that Bachelor Matt James apparently doesn't hand out a Neil Lane engagement ring to either of his final two women, Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell. Not only that, but reports claim that Matt broke up with winner Rachael after her controversial social media activity came to light, per The Sun. 

Looking back, former Bachelor contestant Heather Martin's surprise arrival during Matt's season in her comical white minivan seems so quaint. Matt knew Heather through Bachelorette star Hannah Brown and roommate Tyler Cameron before his stint on the hit ABC reality franchise. Heather confessed her feelings for Matt, but the women on Season 25 weren't too happy (understandably) to see her. Matt ultimately decided to turn Heather away, but now fans are convinced they're dating IRL. Keep scrolling to find out why audiences think Matt has moved on with Heather!

Fans believe the clues are mounting

Hear them out: Bachelor fans-slash-conspiracy theorists may have a point. First, there was questionable footage from the "Women Tell All" reunion episode (no, not the 1969 moon landing!), with shots showing Heather Martin sitting behind Kit Keenan while other angles literally seemed to delete Heather altogether, per PeopleSo why have Heather there if she wasn't given any airtime? Well, maybe because she's dating Matt James. 

Here's the supposed evidence: A TikTok post noted that both Heather and Matt shared Instagram Stories geotagged to San Clemente, Calif., per DistractifyCould New York-based Matt have been visiting SoCal native Heather? Both reality stars also were shown to be eating hummus at the same time, according to CelebuzzBut it may take more than just garbanzo beans to make this claim take off. As for spoilers guru Reality Steve? He doesn't believe the two are romantically linked. So, does Matt's mom has the answer? According to Life & Styleshe applauded Heather's new clothing line Tilted Three, leaving fans confused. 

"I think they're definitely not actually dating, but are purposefully using the speculation for publicity," a Redditor on "The Bachelor" forum posted. Another disagreed, penning, "I honestly think it would be the biggest plot twist IN THE HISTORY OF PLOT TWISTS if they were together. It's almost at conspiracy-level craziness at this point." Is there any other way for reality TV to be? Probs not.