RHOBH: The Truth About Garcelle Beauvais And Kyle Richards' Friendship

The ladies behind The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are a notoriously close friend group. Since the series premiere in 2010, the Southern California Housewives have been airing their personal dirty laundry on screen. From Kyle Richards' BFF status with former queen bee Lisa Vanderpump to Kim Richards' treatment for alcohol dependencyRHOBH has put the "real" in reality TV. 

So when two newcomer Housewives joined the franchise in 2020, it took a while for them to settle into the tight-knit cliqué. Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais, although both prior acquaintances with Housewives Lisa Rinna and then-RHOBH star Denise Richards, per Us Weekly, had to find their footing amongst the group of strong personalities. 

Garcelle especially was torn between defending friend Denise amidst scandal and getting to know her RHOBH castmates. She quickly butt heads with Kyle, saying on Watch What Happens Live that Kyle was the most closed-off among the women and never tried to get to know Garcelle. Kyle fired back on Twitter, writing that she was in fact the "only one" who welcomed Garcelle with open arms. 

Shockingly, one year later and it seems Garcelle and Kyle have buried the hatchet. Keep scrolling to find out what Garcelle now has to say about her costar! 

Garcelle Beauvais bonded with Kyle Richards after talking about race in America

Coming to America 2 star Garcelle Beauvais teased to Vulture that her second season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was "much better" than her first. 

She even revealed that her relationship with Kyle Richards has changed. "Sometimes you have to have the conversations that are tough," Garcelle stated. "If you turn on any news, any talk show, anything right now, all of them have talked about race issues. I think whenever you have those difficult conversations, it can go either one of two ways: It can either go that relationship is severed and you both don't get each other, or you were able to get past it and actually have a deeper conversation and maybe something important came out of it." 

Garcelle previously told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in March 2021 that her relationship with Kyle had the "biggest 180" between seasons. "We had a really good time this season once we went through our stuff," Garcelle promised. 

Here's to the RHOBH friend group expanding!