The Real Meaning Behind Justin Bieber's 'Peaches'

Justin Bieber debuted yet another song from his album Justice during his NPR Tiny Desk series concert on March 17, 2021. The song, called "Peaches," was the fifth tune Bieber shared with fans before the official debut of his album Justice, which was released on March 19. The Grammy award-winning singer performed "Peaches" along with three other Justice singles "Holy," "Hold On," and "Anyone" during the Tiny Desk concert. 

March was a super busy month for Bieber, as he started it by celebrating his 27th birthday and preparing for the release of his sixth studio album. Plus, he treated fans to a surprise when he dropped "Hold On" on March 5 after teasing them with a snippet of the song one day prior. The Canadian native also won his second Grammy ever for Best Country Duo/Group Performance with his Dan + Shay collaboration "10,000 Hours."

Bieber's Tiny Desk performance of "Peaches" was stripped down and performed as a groovy ballad, while the song's final form on Justice is upbeat and heavily produced. He sang it by himself during the mini concert, but on his album, it features GIVEŌN and Daniel Caesar. The "Lonely" singer also announced on March 17 that he would release the music video to "Peaches" along with his album, which was well-received by fans when it dropped. In honor of Bieber's surprise release, let's dive into the real meaning behind "Peaches."

Justin Bieber's 'Peaches' is all about love

Justin Bieber shamelessly laid on the romance with his Justice singles. His lead single, "Holy," talks about his deep love for wife Hailey Bieber and how she had him "running to the altar." Meanwhile, his song "Anyone" has him promising he will not love anyone else besides Hailey. "You are the only one I'll ever love ... if it's not you, it's not anyone," he croons.

So, it's not too surprising that "Peaches" is constructed with more loved-up lyrics. The first verse has Justin gushing over Hailey. "It's the texture of your skin. I wanna wrap my arms around you, baby. Never let you go," he sings (via Genius). "There's nothing like your touch. It's the way you lift me up, yeah. And I'll be right here with you 'til the end,” he continues. It's clear he's head over heels!

The chorus of the song also seems to offer some commentary on their life together. "I get my peaches out in Georgia ... I get my weed from California ... I took my chick up to the North," he explains. Justin lived in Georgia as he was building his career. They both have lived in Los Angeles due to their jobs, which would explain the California reference. Plus, Justin and Hailey share a home "up to the North" in Justin's home country of Canada. According to People, they own homes in both California, and Ontario, Canada. "Peaches" proves once again that Justin only has eyes for his wife. 

Hailey Bieber feels peachy keen about 'Peaches'

Hailey Bieber doesn't mind having a few songs written about her. In fact, she showed her approval of "Peaches" in a huge way. On March 30, 2021, just 11 days after Justin Bieber released Justice, the model debuted a small peach tattoo on the inner side of her forearm and showed it off on her Instagram Story, according to People. Just a few days prior, Justin revealed a peach tattoo of his own on the left side of his neck via Instagram. Both tattoos were created by celebrity tattoo artist Doctor Woo. Hailey also started a social media makeup challenge by encouraging her followers to create a look inspired by "Peaches" to support the song.

While Hailey clearly loves her husband's catchy single, fans might be surprised to learn that she wasn't always thrilled about his whole Justice album. In fact, Justin admitted in a March 26, 2021 interview with the Zach Sang Show that Hailey told him that she wasn't sure if she liked the album at all. "I don't know if Hailey wants me to share this, but at the very end, like I'm putting in my album, and she's like, 'I don't know if I love it top to bottom,'" he said. Justin was understandably shocked, but he said that Hailey just wanted to make sure he was completely confident in the album. Well, at least we know she likes at least one song included on it!

This is how Hailey Bieber influenced 'Justice' as a whole

It's clear that Justice is full of songs influenced by Hailey Bieber, but how exactly did she help inspire her husband? In a March 23, 2021 interview with SiriusXM radio, Justin Bieber shared that having Hailey by his side has been helpful in creating a stable home life that allows him to better prioritize his time. "You know, I never had a consistent family life. It was kind of all over the place growing up. So, finally having that predictability and reliability, someone who I love and trust, has been so monumental," he explained.

He added that he now knows what love is and can sing about it with his own insight rather than just projecting his assumptions into his lyrics. "I didn't really know what love was, you know? I didn't know who I was," he said. "I sang about what I thought it was, but as I grow up, love kind of takes new shapes and meanings — it's definitely just a lot different."

Bieber isn't shy about expressing his love for Hailey. In a 2019 interview with Vogue, the singer said she is the only "certain" thing in his life. "With the lifestyle I live, everything is so uncertain. I need one thing that's certain. And that is my baby boo," he said, with her hand in his. It looks like fans can expect music influenced by Hailey for a long time.