Idris Elba Has Something To Say About Meghan And Harry

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to open up to Oprah Winfrey during an interview that aired in March 2021, the pair dropped some major bombshells, revealing what life was really like for them as senior members of the royal family. What they had to say was shocking for plenty of different reasons.

Along with addressing who really made who cry before Harry and Meghan's wedding, the couple also discussed a racist comment that had been made about their son's skin color before he was even born. On top of that, Meghan admitted that she hadn't been allowed to speak to Oprah before getting married due to The Firm's alleged disapproval of the idea.

While there have been a wide range of reactions to the interview from the public, experts, and even from the queen, there have also been plenty of opinions shared by celebrities who happen to know the couple. That includes Idris Elba, "who attended the couple's 2018 wedding with wife Sabrina Dhowre and served as a DJ at their reception," according to the Daily Mail. When asked about the buzz-worthy interview, the actor had an intriguing perspective to share.

Idris Elba reveals why he supports Meghan and Harry's right to speak out

Following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey, famous figures like "Gabrielle Union, Chance the Rapper, Halle Berry, and more came forward to defend the former Suits star," according to Page Six. And they weren't alone. "From Meghan's longtime friend Serena Williams to Kamala Harris's niece, Meena Harris," BuzzFeed noted that "stars have been sharing their thoughts about the experiences the couple described during the interview." Billy Eichner, Bethenny Frankel, and Leslie Jordan also had various feelings about the situation, as did Idris Elba.

While chatting with Entertainment Tonight on March 29, 2021, Elba was asked about his "friend Meghan ... telling her story of the Black experience" and what he thinks about "her courage" when it came to "stepping out and saying, 'I need to speak my truth.'"

Elba responded by explaining, "I will say that everyone has to have their opportunity to speak up about what they feel, you know." He added, "You cannot take someone's voice away, that's all we have to communicate." True enough and fair enough.