The Real Meaning Behind Taylor Swift's 'Come In With The Rain' (Taylor's Version)

If you're a fan of Taylor Swift's music, then you might find it difficult to pick which are the best (and which are your least favorite) songs. However, those who adore her tunes were surely thrilled in February 2021 when she revealed that she would be re-recording her second studio album, Fearless. The updated collection, deemed Fearless (Taylor's Version), boasts 26 songs, including the originals found on the earlier album as well as six previously unreleased treasures. Among the vast selection, listeners will be able to find favorites (and surely soon-to-be favorites) like "The Way I Loved You," "Forever & Always," and "You All Over Me," as well as "Come In With The Rain."

"I could go back to every laugh / But I don't wanna go there anymore / And I know all the steps up to your door / But I don't wanna go there anymore," Swift sings in "Come In With The Rain." She later adds, "I'll leave my window open / 'Cause I'm too tired at night to call your name / Just know I'm right here hoping / That you'll come in with the rain."

If that sounds like a classic Swift song, that's because she "has never met an image that she couldn't whip into an emotionally charged metaphor," according to Bustle. "One image that pops up a surprising amount of times is rain." But when it comes to "Come In With The Rain," was exactly is she trying to tell us? Read on to find out!

Taylor Swift uses an old expression for a new mindset in 'Come In With The Rain'

"I've watched you so long, screamed your name / I don't know what else I can say," Taylor Swift sings on "Come In With The Rain," a song that was originally written by the star and Liz Rose, per Genius. You likely love to sing along when Swift adds, "But I'll leave my window open / 'Cause I'm too tired at night for all these games / Just know I'm right here hoping / That you'll come in with the rain." But have you ever wondered what she means?

Well, it turns out that the expression "come in out of the rain" means to "show common sense," according to, meaning, " ... Having enough sense to seek shelter." In this particular tune, Swift is admitting that she'll no longer wait around for the object of her affection to clue into the fact that they could (?), should (?), or would (?) be together if he bothered to pay attention to her. Instead, while the star "isn't going to sing songs about him or keep trying to get his attention ... sooner or later he will come to her."

While we can still spend some time pondering who she might have been singing about, at least she doesn't seem to be in this kind of sticky romantic situation with her love, Joe Alwyn.