Bill Gates Is Causing A Stir With What He Was Just Seen Wearing

All eyes have been very much on Bill Gates since he and his estranged wife, Melinda Gates confirmed they were going their separate ways. Bill and Melinda made the somewhat surprising divorce announcement via a statement posted to the former's Twitter account on May 3, in which they confirmed they had "made the decision to end [their] marriage" after 27 years, during which time they welcomed three children.

Plenty of details about what supposedly went on in their marriage have come out since, including allegations of Bill allegedly having an affair with a Microsoft employee. A spokesperson for Bill told The Wall Street Journal that "there was an affair almost 20 years ago" but claimed that it "ended amicably."

Though both Bill and Melinda have seemingly stayed tight-lipped when it comes to publicly addressing their divorce beyond their social media statement, it's been reported that the two apparently are not on great terms. A source alleged to TMZ that Bill's family have supposedly taken Melinda's side amid the furore and even claimed that they've been "furious" with him. Sources also told the outlet that the Gates' divorce is supposedly "not a friendly split" and had been "a long time" coming.

Reports of apparent animosity between the once close couple appear to be even more surprising given what Bill what just seen wearing. Keep scrolling for what you need to know.

Bill Gates was spotted wearing his wedding ring after announcing his divorce from Melinda Gates

Somewhat surprisingly, Bill Gates was actually photographed with his wedding ring firmly on his left-hand ring finger around three weeks after he and Melinda Gates announced their divorce. Bill was spotted wearing the sentimental jewelry on May 22 when paparazzi spotted him out in New York City (via People).

Making things even more interesting, following TMZ's claims that Bill's family were allegedly "very angry" with the tech billionaire, he was actually spending time with their 18-year-old daughter, Phoebe and her boyfriend, Chaz Flynn. However, it's not clear if Bill still sporting his ring is a statement about his marriage or if he's just biding his time before ditching the gold band after almost three decades.

Phoebe's sister, Jennifer Gates so far appears to be the only one of the twosome's children to speak about the split publicly. Jennifer took to Instagram Stories on May 3 and wrote that it had "been a challenging stretch of time for our whole family," adding she was "still learning how to best support [her] own process and emotions as well as family members at this time" (via People). Jennifer also wrote she would not "personally comment further on anything around the separation" but thanked her followers for their "kind words and support."

It looks like fans will have to wait and see if Bill keeping his wedding ring on means anything when it comes to his fractured marriage.