What Is The Real Meaning Behind Jennifer Lopez's New Song 'Cambia El Paso'?

Jennifer Lopez is back on the music scene, and, potentially, taking aim at Alex Rodriguez? Lopez began teasing her new song, "Cambia El Paso" (which in English means, "Change the Step") in June when she shared several sneak peeks of the track alongside captions written in Spanish on social media.

The first Instagram tease came on June 26 when Lopez posted a short clip alongside lyrics from the song with the caption, "Ahora le toca ella ... tomarse la botella ... y salirse a divertir ... and it goes like this," which translates to, "Now it's her turn ... drink the bottle ... and have fun."

Lopez gave another sneak peek the following day when she shared the same snippet on Instagram with the words, "Ella vive su vida ... como un tango ... pero ahora quiere fuego ... entre sus labios ... and it goes like this," meaning, "She lives her life... like a tango... but now she wants fire... between her lips..."

June 29 came the official reveal of the stunning cover art, which showed Lopez in the ocean in a bedazzled bra top and Daisy Dukes. J-Lo confirmed in the caption that the song would officially be released on July 5 and wrote "¡Preparense!" which means, "Get ready!"

Well, fans likely appreciated a few days warning to prepare themselves, as it sounds like Lopez could potentially be singing all about her highly-publicized personal life on her new track. Keep scrolling for what the song's really about.

Jennifer Lopez's 'Cambia El Paso' is about moving on when 'something's not feeling right'

Jennifer Lopez opened up about the real meaning behind "Cambia El Paso" on July 1 while chatting with Rauw Alejandro on "Pitbull's Globalization" on SiriusXM. "Definitely for me [it's] about change. The song is about change and not being afraid to take the step. Like, just take the step, advance, do what you need to do. If something's not feeling right, whatever it is in your life, like, just make that move and dance."

"To me, dance is life, is joy, and happiness, so whenever I'm talking about dance, I'm talking about something else," the star — who started her career as a dancer – continued, adding, "You've got to be yourself. You've got to be happy."

Lopez didn't explicitly confirm if the song relates to her own personal experiences in the romance department, though there's no doubting a song about change and moving on very much fits in with the star's life the few months before the song's release.

Mid-April saw Lopez split up with her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez after four years together. By the end of the month, Lopez was spotted spending time with her former fiancé, Ben Affleck (who she split with in 2004), and Lopez and Affleck have done nothing to hide the fact that they've rekindled their romance since.

Whether J-Lo's really singing about A-Rod or not, it sounds like she has a hit on her hands.