Expert Reveals How Kelly Clarkson Is Winning Her Divorce

On August 12, a judge officially ruled to uphold Kelly Clarkson's prenup, a big win for "The Voice" coach. Her estranged husband, Brandon Blackstock, has been fighting the prenup, demanding it be thrown out in the divorce. The court found the prenuptial agreement valid, covering everything from Clarkson and Blackstock's child support to how they will split up their homes. Blackstock left the entertainment business to be a rancher full-time, but he wanted Clarkson to pay for the significant monthly expenses for their Montana ranch.

Just a few days earlier, TMZ reported on August 9 that Clarkson's estranged husband Blackstock would be responsible for the payments on the former couple's Montana ranch. According to TMZ, the court declared that "ranch expenses run around $81,000 a month — from taxes to the mortgage and insurance, etc. — and ordered that Brandon will carry that burden."

A divorce expert talked to Nicki Swift exclusively about how Clarkson is winning her divorce. Keep reading to find out more.

Here's why Kelly Clarkson's prenup decision is such a win

New Jersey divorce lawyer Christina Previte, Esq, spoke to Nicki Swift about why Kelly Clarkson's prenup decision was such a big victory for her. The expert explained that the prenup would "eliminate much of the battle over money and property." Previte said, "Without the prenup, Kelly would have been exposed to paying a hefty spousal support and child support award, which could have far exceeded the temporary award set by the court."

Previte notes that prenuptial agreements are not always enforceable, and there can be protracted litigation about the prenup's validity. She said, "The person seeking to set it aside will allege that they were under duress when they entered into it or that there was some procedural formality not observed that should invalidate it." The expert explained that the divorce couldn't be resolved until there is a resolution about the prenup.

Previte added, "The prenup lays out the details of property and support issues. That's why this is such a big win for Kelly. Now Blackstock will be limited by the terms of the prenup as to support and property distribution." She said that it looks like Clarkson can sell the Montana ranch, despite Blackstock's objections.

Kelly Clarkson is fighting a 'high conflict divorce' with Brandon Blackstock

Divorce lawyer Christina Previte explained why Kelly Clarkson is fighting a tough battle. Previte said that Clarkson's split with Brandon Blackstock was a "high conflict divorce," because he was "making crazy monetary demands, including support of $400,000/month." However, the expert explained that the court "awarded" Blackstock about $200,000 per month as litigation continues. She said, "The court generally establishes a temporary support amount intended to continue to maintain the parties while they are working out a settlement or until a trial."

Until the prenup was upheld, Clarkson could not sell the Montana ranch home where Blackstock was living at a hefty monthly cost of $80,000. Previte said, "This is also generally a temporary situation. The court prefers the parties not dispose of property unless they agree to it or there is some other basis to sell it. In this case, the court required the parties to maintain the status quo, which is why Blackstock got to continue living there."

While it sounds like there are still details to sort out, we're glad to hear that Clarkson's situation is getting better!

Kelly Clarkson's divorce isn't her only legal battle

Kelly Clarkson's divorce isn't her only battle with Brandon Blackstock. In September 2020, Starstruck Management Group, owned by Brandon and his dad Narvel Blackstock, filed a lawsuit against Clarkson, claiming she owed the company $1.4 million in unpaid commissions. Clarkson countersued Starstruck Management Group in October 2020. Then, in December 2020, US Weekly reported on new and shocking developments in the legal battles between Clarkson and her former management company. Clarkson claimed her estranged husband Brandon and his father Narvel's management company defrauded her out of millions. Clarkson said that her agreement with Starstruck Management Group was a "fraudulent and subterfuge device." 

The beloved entertainer is having a rough year. During a September 2020 interview on "Sunday Today With Willie Geist," Clarkson admitted, "I mean, it's no secret. My life has been a little bit of a dumpster... Personally, it's been a little hard the last couple months."

There are signs, though, that the Grammy-winning singer is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. On August 14, "The Voice" coach posted an Instagram photo with two friends in facemasks, which looked like some sort of it looked like a girls' trip. "Friends, Vegas, Top Golf, and George Strait," she wrote in the caption. "I dare you to have a better time than me right now."