What Is Prince George Obsessed With, According To Prince William?

We are obsessed with the adorable Prince George. He's cute, thoughtful, and expressive — something we have seen over the past few years, including his latest appearance at the Euro 2020 final soccer game between England and Italy.

The young prince was present at the Wembley Stadium with his mother Kate Middleton and father Prince William on July 11. Like his father — who can't seem to get enough of sports and outdoors — George, too, loves the rush of sports. It was evident throughout the match with his facial expression. The world saw how cute of a soccer fan little George can be. The prince jumped out of his seat to celebrate England's goal and gave his mother a hug. When Italy scored, George looked away, almost dejected. England lost in the penalty shootout, and a visibly upset George was comforted by parents Kate and William. He was joined by around 60,000 fans present at the stadium, and lived each moment of the game and was seen on an emotional rollercoaster. Italy won the championship, while George won hearts.

We all got to see how passionate George can be for the game, but it turns out soccer isn't the only thing that he seems to be obsessed with. Yes, the emotions ran high at the finals, but there's something else that engages the little soccer fan as much. Here's more on what George is obsessed with, according to his father, William.

Prince George is 'obsessed' with a reptile

The fact that Prince George has a passion for football may not come as a surprise to many, especially when he was seen multiple times during the Euro tournament. In the photographs released to mark his sixth birthday on July 22, 2019, the future king could be seen smiling in the England national team's football jersey (per BBC). But there's another thing that likewise holds George's attention — snakes!

During their September trip to Northern Ireland, the Cambridges visited the campus petting zoo at Ulster University's Magee Campus. They got affectionate with animals and spoke about the ones they have at home. "We've had lots of animals during lockdown," Kate told the pet handler (per The Mirror). "During lockdown, animals are often like therapy." William added that they had a lot of chickens. The zookeeper then handed a snake to Prince William. The other future king then said, "George is obsessed with snakes, he's going to be so upset he missed this."

George's love for snakes is cute, but he's not the only one in his family into exotic animals. It was revealed in a rare 2020 conservation-oriented video that his sister likes spiders (via Town & Country). Their home at Kensington Palace could just be the place where they grow to love animals and nature, and considering his father's recent efforts to save the environment, there'd still be so much for the young prince to fall in love and get obsessed with!