The Biggest Reason Mary Trump Thinks Donald Trump Will Run Again In 2024

As the Trump family's most insightful historian and critic, author and psychologist Mary Trump has created a niche for herself as prescriptor, descriptor, and diagnostician for what leads Donald Trump to do whatever he does, and how forces dating as far back as his childhood influence him even now. Her best-selling book "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man" expounded upon how the past made Trump what he was. Now, in a world post-Trump administration, there's been a shift in the way Mary has utilized her insights into the inner workings of Trump and his brood, from that of present-day analysis to one predicting what Trump will do next. And if Mary's latest remarks during an appearance on The Daily Beast podcast "The New Abnormal" are accurate, it seems that Trump's thirst for political power won't be sated anytime soon.

In her November 16 appearance, Mary spoke with host and Daily Beast editor Molly Jong-Fast about President Joe Biden's currently low approval ratings and argued that they are in large part due to the Trump administration's handling of issues including the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan to the shortage supply crisis. Mary also shared how those might play into Trump's possible presidential bid in 2024 — but even so, there's a much bigger factor that could make a run all the more inevitable.

Mary Trump thinks Donald Trump will definitely run if the Democrats lose Congress in 2022

As Mary Trump explained to podcast host Molly Jong-Fast, the biggest reason Donald Trump would most likely run again for office in 2024 won't be what Mary has previously cited as his narcissistic nature, but whether or not Republicans will overtake Congress in 2022. "I thought it was impossible because he got defeated so badly [in 2020]," Mary said, adding "it was such a humiliating loss that I believed he would never put himself at the risk of suffering that kind of narcissistic injury again." But as Mary sees it, a strengthening Trump base within the Republican party (or specifically, allegiances made to Trump by GOP lawmakers) would only engender Trump to once again take to the campaign trail. "If Donald gets to the point where he believes that if he ran, he couldn't lose, why wouldn't he run?" she concluded.

During the episode, Jong-Fast submitted a similar take, but with darker predictions, pontificating on whether perceived "disloyalty" could have scary ramifications for Mary Trump, or anyone "disloyal" to the erstwhile president. Notably, Jong-Fast's comments came shortly following reports that the Wyoming GOP voted to no longer recognize Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney as a fellow party member. The decision, per CBS News, sprang mostly from Cheney's refusal to bow to Trump's whims, and that she was one of 10 House Republicans who voted for impeachment at Trump's second trial earlier this year.