Kim Kardashian Reveals What She Almost Did To Tristan Thompson On SNL

Back in October, Kim Kardashian hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the first time, making her the first Kardashian-Jenner sister to do so. She appeared in various sketches, including one with her now-rumored boyfriend, Pete Davidson, that involved them portraying Jasmine and Aladdin (and even kissing on a magic carpet). However, it was the jokes in Kim's opening monologue that made the most headlines, as the reality star poked fun at her own sex tape, divorcing Kanye West, and even other family members — with Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble being just one example.

Despite Kim casting jokes about her sisters, she didn't go quite as hard towards their respective partners — and that includes sister Khloé Kardashian's on-and-off boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. While Tristan is the father of Khloé's daughter, 3-year-old True, he has also infamously — and frequently — cheated on the reality star. While that whole situation is certainly a touchy subject, Kim revealed that she almost went there on the show.

Kim Kardashian cut Tristan Thompson jokes from her monologue

In a recent interview for the cover of i-D, Kim Kardashian opens up about everything from raising her daughter North West to continuing a law school endeavor. During Kim's conversation, she also touches on her "Saturday Night Live" appearance, stating that while the other family members she joked about were open-minded, she had a joke about Khloé Kardashian and her cheating ex Tristan Thompson. Although it never made the show in Kim's monologue, she definitely wanted to take it there in hindsight.

"Everyone in the family was just like, 'You can do whatever you want.' Everyone was really easy and game for me to do whatever I wanted. Although I had a really funny joke about Tristan and Khloé that I took out — I could've maybe gone further," Kim said. "But everyone was like, 'Use me. Do whatever you want. This is your time.' They were down. That was super cool."

And perhaps it all worked out for the best that Kim didn't make a Tristan and Khloé joke, as it's since been revealed that the NBA star allegedly cheated on Khloé back in March — resulting in a pregnancy with another woman. In fact, Tristan is now embroiled in a paternity suit filed by Houston trainer Maralee Nichols, who just gave birth to a son she claims is Tristan's. Though Khloé has yet to publicly comment on the situation, she alluded to it in a tweet, which read, "Tbh I'm barely in my own body right now."