What's Really Going On With Jacob Elordi And Olivia Jade?

Finally some good news for troubled social media star Olivia Jade — she might be in a new relationship. Before we get into all that though, some background. You might remember back in 2018 when Olivia found herself at the center of the college admissions scandal. Olivia was a student at USC when the news broke that her parents paid $500,000 for her and her sister, Bella Giannulli, to be admitted to the elite institution by pretending they were accomplished rowers, per Variety. The fallout for Olivia and her family was tremendous; her mother Lori Loughlin served jail time and was written off the "Full House" reboot, while Olivia lost endorsements left and right, per Insider.

Two years later, and it appears that Olivia was able to bounce back. Sure, she dropped out of USC — although according to her YouTube videos she never wanted to go college anyway — got new sponsors, started a podcast, and did a stint on "Dancing With the Stars," per the Daily Mail. Now, as if to cement her comeback, she's been spotted all over Los Angeles with Kaia Gerber's ex, Jacob Elordi. So, what's the story? Are Elordi and Olivia actually an item?

Elordi and Olivia's relationship is a mystery

Australian actor and "Kissing Booth" star Jacob Elordi was spotted looking chummy with Olivia Jade over the weekend. Paps snapped photos of the pair taking a stroll through the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, per the Daily Mail. They were accompanied by Elordi's dog, Layla, per Us Weekly.

So, does this mean they're officially together? That's tough to say. When it comes to love Elordi is notoriously private. In the more than a year that he was with Kaia Gerber, he would often refuse to answer any questions about her or the relationship. "No, I don't really want to talk about my relationship," he told Esquire earlier this year, before adding that Gerber taught him a lot about how to handle himself in the public eye.

As for Olivia, she's been single since breaking things off with her on/off long term boyfriend Jackson Guthry. The pair first broke up at the height of Olivia's college admissions scandal. "Jackson broke up with Olivia because it was all getting to be too much for him," an insider explained to Us Weekly. "It wasn't necessarily affecting his career, but the fact that he couldn't be seen out in public with Olivia was difficult." However, they eventually got back together and split again this year, leaving her available to start a new fling with Elordi.