Tom Bergeron's Reaction To DWTS' Latest Shake Up Has Twitter In A Frenzy

Did anyone have "Tom Bergeron throws shade on Twitter" on their 2022 Bingo card?

Bergeron was a mainstay on ABC's celebrity dance competition show "Dancing With the Stars" ever since it premiered back in 2005. He served as the main host and emcee of the program, and many contestants and professionals have said that Bergeron's presence was "irreplaceable" on the show. Even when "DWTS" cycled through co-hosts for Bergeron, he always remained in front of the camera and moved the show along.

But in 2020, ABC announced that Bergeron would not be returning as host for Season 29 and would be replaced by Tyra Banks. Many suspected that this was because of the confirmed behind-the-scenes drama regarding Bergeron's disapproval with the casting of former press secretary Sean Spicer in Season 28. After Spicer was announced, Bergeron released a statement on how the show's producers refused his request for a season "free of inevitably divisive bookings from ANY party affiliations." People speculated that the "DWTS" producers were unhappy with Bergeron's disloyalty, which is why he was eventually fired.

So, when there was a huge change to the show's production team, Bergeron was not afraid to speak up.

Tom Bergeron says DWTS executive producer's firing was karmic

Tom Bergeron was certainly not shy when it came to expressing his opinions on the firing of "Dancing With the Stars" executive producer Andrew Llinares. Llinares joined the "DWTS" team in 2018, and it was his decision to both approve the casting of Sean Spicer and the replacement of Bergeron, per Deadline. So when it was announced on March 17 that Llinares had been ousted from the show, fans on Twitter wanted to know Bergeron's thoughts on the topic.

"Karma's a b****," Bergeron replied to a fan with a wink emoji.

This sent Twitter ablaze with discourse on the future of "DWTS" and the way Bergeron's absence has affected the show. "They really f'd up. It was a no miss show with Tom & Erin. It is now a no watch show," one fan lamented in the replies. "I stopped watching when they had Sean Spicer on. Losing Tom only solidified my reason not to ever watch again...and I used to never miss a show," another fan reacted. The show has yet to be renewed for Season 31 on ABC. Has Bergeron's absence contributed to the end of "DWTS"?