Wendy Williams' Former Staff Is Reportedly Torn About Saying Goodbye To The Star

From health struggles to a legal battle with Wells Fargo, Wendy Williams has had a rough year. As the daytime TV icon's talk show is set to end and transition into "Sherri" with Sherri Shepherd, Williams' fans are mourning the loss of the "Wendy Williams Show" they knew and loved. While Williams insists that she'll return to TV in September 2022, no one knows if or how it could happen, especially with Shepherd poised to take over her former platform full-time. Shepherd has told Deadline that she'd like to invite Williams on as a guest, and Williams is also open to speaking with her.

Besides Shepherd, other guest hosts on "The Wendy Williams Show" in Williams' absence have included Michael Rapaport, Fat Joe, and Remy Ma. On an Instagram Live with Fat Joe, Williams told him she'd much prefer if he or Remy Ma had gotten the job instead. While Williams hopes to speak with Shepherd about the transfer of power, she's also stated that she won't be watching the new version of the show: "I like her, but I won't be watching her because I know what she's going to be doing and that's really not my thing."

Despite Williams' feelings about her successor, Shepherd probably has the most experience for the gig. From 2007 to 2014, she co-hosted another daytime staple, "The View," and, like Williams, has been nominated for multiple Daytime Emmy Awards, winning in 2009. Although Williams' fans are upset about her absence, some of her former staff apparently couldn't be happier.

Some of Wendy Williams' staffers are looking forward to more 'security'

Behind the scenes at "The Wendy Williams Show," it seems there are two camps of people: those who miss the show's namesake, and others who look forward to Sherri Shepherd stepping in permanently. The latter group cites Williams' reportedly unpredictable behavior, with one source telling Page Six, "There have been days where people thought they wouldn't have a job because she wouldn't show up to work." The insider further explained of Williams, "She held the fate of almost 125 staffers' ability to care for their families [in her hands]. They're glad they finally have some security in their life."

But despite Shepherd's reliability, there are still pro-Williams staff members concerned with respecting her influence and legacy. Another source told Page Six, "A lot of people ...  signed up for the job because of Wendy. It feels like it's just going to end [without her]." There are also some "Wendy" staff members who seem to see both sides. Back in February, Williams' longtime supervising producer Norman Baker made an Instagram post honoring her, as well as welcoming Shepherd. He shared the story of first meeting Williams, and concluded it by saying, "Here's to Wendy, my greatest teacher and to Sherri, my next leader. Love you ladies both."

Unless Williams and Sherri can quickly come to a resolution, it's unlikely Williams will appear on the final episode of the show she started. Time will tell if they can find a way to honor the woman who began it all, even if she isn't physically present.