Why Queen Elizabeth's Latest Outing Has Royal Fans Thrilled

Since the pandemic, Queen Elizabeth has changed how she interacts with the public. During 2019, she undertook 295 royal engagements, per Town & Country, while in 2020, she only attended 115, per the Daily Mail. In 2021, the queen attended most of her 184 engagements virtually. The nonagenarian has adapted how she usually carries out her duties and embraced technology to get things done. Of course, the pandemic has not been the only reason that British citizens have seen less of the queen. Tragedy struck when Prince Philip died in April 2021, and the queen understandably took some time off after her spouse's death.

The reigning monarch has also struggled with her own health. She was hospitalized overnight in October 2021, and in February 2022, she was diagnosed with COVID-19. And when she has personally attended certain events, she often uses a walking stick. Forbes reported that the monarch attended Prince Philip's memorial service in March. It was the first time in five months that she had made a public appearance. Then in late April, she met the president of Switzerland, Ignazio Cassis, and there was no sign of her walking stick. A royal fan noted that she wasn't using a mobility device and wrote, "She looks fit and in good spirits. Augurs well for the June celebrations!"

After all, she is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this year. Now, it seems as if there is another reason that U.K. citizens are celebrating the queen.

Queen Elizabeth beams as she attends Royal Windsor Horse Show

Queen Elizabeth was beaming as she arrived at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in mid-May. Fox News reported that her attendance was unexpected. The last time that the queen personally attended an event was when she went to Prince Philip's memorial service in late March. She canceled several engagements since then, and even missed the Maundy Thursday service for the first time in over five decades. Yet, her well-known love for horses (and her granddaughter) seemed to be the overriding factor when she attended this annual event.

USA Today reports that Queen Elizabeth did not attend the British Opening of Parliament on May 10, due to her mobility issues. But, she bravely attended the horse show, which is apparently one of the highlights of her calendar. Journalist Richard Palmer wrote, "Applause for the Queen, who walks slowly with a stick to her seat after being driven into the arena in a green Range Rover." He also attached a video clip of the queen walking to her seat, while the rest of the spectators burst into spontaneous applause.

Queen Elizabeth was also at the horse show to support her granddaughter, Lady Louise Windsor. Per the Express, Louise led a horse parade in Prince Philip's carriage. She rode past her grandmother, mother, and father, Prince Edward, who proudly looked on. In fact, the queen smiled at her teenage granddaughter. For the doting grandmother, her family seems to come first