Did Chris Brown Just Congratulate Rihanna On The Arrival Of Her Baby Boy?

Although we didn't find out until TMZ revealed the news (It's ok, Riri, we understand), the world rejoiced when fans learned that Rihanna gave birth to her baby boy with A$AP Rocky on May 13! Rih's has been one of the most iconic pregnancies in recent celebrity history. Can we take a moment to reminisce on the incredible fashion moments and the digital statue the Met Gala made of pregnant Rihanna? Now that the pregnancy is over, fans flooded Twitter with heartfelt congratulations to the couple.

"Congratulations @rihanna and @asvpxrocky on baby fashion killa!" Spotify tweeted. "We all wish you were our parents." Another user tweeted, "Congratulations to our sister Rihanna who has given birth to a bouncing baby boy. Thank you Jesus." One fan even offered to babysit the newborn so Rihanna would be free to work on her album.

But one particular person's best wishes towards Rihanna and Rocky are raising some eyebrows.

Chris Brown sends his love with emojis

Just hours after TMZ reported that Rihanna had given birth, Chris Brown took to his Instagram to send congratulations her way. Does he have Google notifications for "Rihanna" on or something? The Instagram Story slide merely says, "Congratulations" with the praying hands, heart, and pregnant person emojis. Even though he doesn't tag either Rihanna or A$AP Rocky, it's apparent that the message is directed towards them.

This is definitely a strange person for Rihanna to be receiving congratulations from considering her and Brown's tumultuous relationship. Many may remember the infamous incident in 2009 where Brown got physical with Rihanna and the photos of her injuries were leaked to the media, per E! News. Rihanna would later take out a restraining order on Brown, which was lifted in 2011, per US Weekly. Although the two would get back together in 2012 to then break up in 2013, Rihanna called Brown her "first love."

While some fans on Twitter slammed Brown for inserting himself into the happy news, others thought that he was just being nice. Either way, we hope Rihanna and A$AP are blocking out any online drama in order to bask in this joyous moment in their lives with their new baby.

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