Jeff Lewis Shares Wild Rumor About Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez's Elopement

For longtime fans of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, their surprise wedding was the height of romance — but one Bravolebrity isn't convinced that's the real reason they eloped.

After years of being apart from each other and with other people, news of Bennifer getting back together first broke when Page Six reported that they'd been seeing more of each other. However, most of us were left questioning what was really going on between them until a source close to the pair finally told Us Weekly they were "full-on dating" in May 2021. 11 months later, they were engaged

Unexpected or not, these two were eager to make their love official, and after just two months as fiance and fiancee, they headed to Vegas. Again, Lopez — who's since changed her name to Jennifer Affleck — shared the news via her newsletter. "It was the best possible wedding we could have imagined," she wrote (via The Hollywood Reporter). It all sounds like a Hollywood fairytale ... so what's got Jeff Lewis thinking otherwise?

Jeff Lewis thinks Ben Affleck is in it for the wrong reasons

Despite Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez having a long history together, Jeff Lewis thinks the former may have married his new bride for the wrong reasons. At least, that's what he said on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen." 

"I heard a rumor that he married her for the money," the Bravo star shared with a mischievous smile, prompting Cohen to laugh sarcastically, "yeah." However, Lewis didn't leave it there. "He might not be as well off as we think," he continued, adding, "That's just what I've heard." It's worth noting that Lewis maintained the same facial expression throughout, so there's a good chance he was just being playful. That said, CEO of The Diamond Pro, Mike Fried, did tell Nicki Swift Lopez's engagement ring "may be [worth more] than $10 million" ... So maybe he's tightening his belt, post-purchase? Given that Affleck has an impressive net worth, though, that seems unlikely. 

This isn't the first rumor dogging the Afflecks' elopement. Per Page Six, a source told The Post that Lopez rushed the wedding to "remove any chance for cold feet." Perhaps there's truth to both rumors. Or, maybe, just maybe, the Afflecks are in love, and after years of loving each other from afar, they're finally ready to enter the next stage of their love story. Either way, we're wishing them the best!