There's Only One Friends Star Who Has Never Been Married

Over 10 seasons, there were plenty of fictional entanglements among the "Friends" crew. Ross and Rachel were of course the "will they, won't they" couple on the show (and one of the best in television history, per Entertainment Weekly). Chandler and Monica were the surprise pairing. Even Rachel and Joey had a relationship — and some fans believe they were true #relationshipgoals. Joey and Phoebe shared some intimate encounters, Phoebe pretended to hit on Chandler, Joey and Monica almost hooked up, and even Ross and Phoebe had a moment. But as much as all the Friends had their brushes with love and marriage, the same can't necessarily be said for the real-life actors playing those characters.

Regardless of any romantic rumors, such as between Rachel's Jennifer Aniston and Ross' David Schwimmer, or between real-life Monica and Chandler, Courtney Cox, and Matthew Perry, there was apparently an unspoken rule about relationships on the show. "It was really important to the six of us that we kept a friendship, that we were friends," Perry told Access. "And if we were hooking up or there was any strangeness going on, that might mess with things." Schwimmer agreed, adding, "we didn't want to jeopardize any of the great relationships and friendships we were forming and had established."

Ok, so the real-life "Friends" couldn't date each other, but surely they had other relationships, and many even got married. In fact, they all were married at one time or another — except one.

Matthew Perry was only briefly engaged

Funnyman Chandler Bing may have been happily married to Monica by the "Friends" series finale, but sweet Matthew Perry, so far, has ended up the way Chandler thought he would end up: "I'm gonna die alone." Well, we certainly hope not! But Perry is the only "Friends" cast member to never marry.

Perry came close to walking down that wedding aisle, in 2021. He announced in November 2020 that Perry and his then-girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz, were getting married. Perry began dating Hurwitz, a literary manager 22 years his junior, in 2018, as a 2020 Valentine's Day post on Hurwitz's private Instagram confirmed (via Daily Mail). "I decided to get engaged," Perry told People. "Luckily, I happen to be dating the greatest woman on the face of the planet at this time." Sadly the relationship didn't last much longer, as the two split in 2021, shortly after the highly anticipated "Friends" Reunion special on HBO Max. "Sometimes things just don't work out and this is one of them," Perry said. "I wish Molly the best."

Though Perry has had a lengthy dating history, and with some very famous women, most of the relationships were short-lived. Some of his high-profile girlfriends included his former "Friends" guest star Julia Roberts, Chandler's "Baywatch" crush Yasmine Bleeth, his "Three to Tango" costar Neve Campbell, and actor Heather Graham, per In Touch. His longest relationship, lasting six years and ending in 2012, was with "Mean Girls" actor Lizzy Caplan.

Who never married was easy to guess by elimination

It may be easy to guess which member of the cast never married. Any true "Friends" fan remembers when Courtney Cox married actor David Arquette in 1999 and took his last name — as did everyone else in the famous opening credits. Though they divorced in 2013, per People, they remained friends and co-parents to daughter Coco. Cox is now dating Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid, who appears frequently in her Instagram posts.

Jennifer Aniston has also had some very public relationships. She married Brad Pitt in 2000, per Marie Claire, and the partnership exploded in 2005 when he got involved with Angelina Jolie. She also had a brief marriage to Justin Theroux from 2015 to 2018, per Us Weekly.

Other "Friends" relationships were less public, perhaps. Matt LeBlanc married actor Melissa McKnight in 2003, per Bustle, and they welcomed daughter Marina Pearl in 2004, just three months before the series ended. LeBlanc has not remarried since their 2006 divorce, though he had an 8-year relationship with actor Andrea Anders, then dated Aurora Mulligan from 2016 to 2021. David Schwimmer married British photographer Zoe Buckman in 2010 after three years of dating, and welcomed daughter Cleo in 2011, per Us Weekly. They split amicably in 2017. Lisa Kudrow has had the longest marriage and is the only member of the group who is currently married. Kudrow wed Michel Stern, a French advertising executive, in May 1995, and they're still together.