Diddy's 5 Closest Celeb Friends Who Are Uncomfortably Quiet Amid Allegations

Amid his legal woes, Sean "Diddy" Combs is seemingly on his own as his famous friends have yet to publicly show support or defend him. For a refresher, Diddy's legal problems started back in November 2023 when his ex-girlfriend Cassie filed a lawsuit against the rapper, accusing him of sexual assault during their years-long relationship. Though Diddy nipped the lawsuit in the bud with a speedy settlement, his troubles were far from over.

In recent times, the Bad Boys Records founder has been facing multiple lawsuits from different parties accusing him of sexual misconduct. In a February 2024 filing, producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones Jr. accused Diddy of soliciting underage sex workers among other allegations. But while the Diddy has long denied all allegations, many can't help but wonder about the lack of support from his Hollywood friends. "No one is saying anything because they have gone to his parties," a source explained to Us Weekly

Additionally, Diddy, who has become famous for throwing some of the biggest parties in Hollywood reportedly films his events. "All the big stars went to his parties. And if they were wilding out, taking drugs, and participating in orgies — they're likely on camera," the insider added. While a few have spoken out about Diddy, the silence from his closest friends is deafening.

Ashton Kutcher

Arguably one of Diddy's longest-lasting friends in the industry, Ashton Kutcher has never been shy about his bond with the music mogul. "We became fast friends. We used to just hang out and watch football together," Kutcher shared about the rapper on the Sean Evans YouTube show "Hot Ones." Additionally, Kutcher has proven himself as a reliable support system for Diddy, often showing up at many of the rapper's events and parties.

Notably, however, Kutcher has been quiet in the wake of Diddy's legal troubles. This silence, sources say, is a ploy for the "No Strings Attached" actor to protect himself. "There is no way in hell Ashton or Mila [Kunis] will be showing any sort of public support for Diddy right now," a source close to Kutcher told Daily Mail. "Regardless of Ashton's long history with him, he has distanced himself from Diddy since Cassie's lawsuit, and even more so in the wake of the new ones."

According to the source, Mila Kunis, Kutcher's wife, has encouraged her husband to keep his distance from the music exec. "Mila will not let Ashton be in any sort of contact," the source explained. But while Kutcher might have been keeping quiet, it apparently won't be for long as the actor is reportedly awaiting a subpoena based on his decades-long friendship with Diddy.


In the early '90s, a teenage Usher, only 14 at the time, moved in with Diddy after signing a record deal with LA Reid. The move, facilitated by Reid was targeted at providing a young Usher who had just broken into the music scene with mentorship. And who better to help with that than Puff Daddy, as he was known at the time. But while Usher's time proved helpful to his career, it also meant access to Diddy's party lifestyle. "There was always girls around. You'd open a door and see somebody doing it, or several people in a room having an orgy. You never knew what was going to happen," Usher recounted during a 2004 interview with Rolling Stone

By 2016, however, the "Love in This Club" singer was no longer as forthcoming with his time with Diddy. During a 2016 appearance on the "The Howard Stern Show", Usher denied witnessing orgies, instead describing it as wild times. "I got a chance to see some things ... I don't know if I could indulge and understand what I was even looking at. It was pretty wild. It was crazy ... There were very curious things taking place and I didn't necessarily understand it," he told Stern.

And while the two have remained cordial over the years, Usher, who was named as one of Diddy's lovers, has gone quiet since the mogul's legal woes began. A mere coincidence? We think not.

Naomi Campbell

Back in 2002, Diddy was rumored to be in a relationship with supermodel Naomi Campbell. Though neither Campbell nor Diddy confirmed the rumors, the pair have remained friendly over the years, often appearing together at public events. "I just never know what's going to happen with Puff. It's always something magical. I went to dinner with him a few weeks ago, and after dinner, we ended up in a recording studio with four boy band groups auditioning. It was the most amazing talent! This is why, for me, when I'm with him, I just roll with it. I love his company, I love his demeanor, I love his love towards me and I love our friendship," Campbell once gushed to AOL about her bond with the music mogul. 

In November 2023, fans got to know the extent of the pair's friendship after Campbell threw the music mogul a London bash to celebrate his 54th birthday. The party, held in Soho, was attended by many Hollywood A-listers including Janet Jackson and Idris Elba, as well as Diddy's sons. As it stands now, however, Campbell seems to be distancing herself from the music executive amid his legal woes. In November 2023, after news of Cassie's sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy broke, the supermodel scrubbed her Instagram of pictures from the Soho birthday party. 

Following Rodney 'Lil Rod' Jones' February 2024 lawsuit against Diddy and the subsequent raid on his home, Campbell's silence has become even louder. 

Lil' Kim

Diddy's friendship with Lil' Kim dates back to the '90s when the "Lady Marmalade" rapper signed to The Notorious B.I.G.'s record label. In the years that followed, Kim and Diddy grew closer, but she interestingly never signed with his label. "Biggie did bring me to Puffy," Kim recounted to MTV News. "He said, 'She's too pretty to be rapping. Female rappers don't look like her. What am I supposed to do with her?'" Despite their long-standing relationship, however, things have not always been rosy between Kim and Diddy.

In the mid 2000s, the pair hit a rough bump after Kim served a 10-month sentence in a Pennsylvania prison. "I'm bothered by his actions, because I rolled with Puffy to the bitter end, and still would have rolled with him. Puffy never came to see me in prison, not one time. He didn't write me a letter. He didn't say, 'Here's a number for Kim to call,' not one time," she lamented (via MTV News). Notably, Kim revealed she was no longer friends with Diddy after failing to defend her amid her feud with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. 

The pair, however, eventually settled their rift and soon became close again. In celebration of Diddy's 54th birthday in November, the "Crush on You" star shared a picture of herself in a warm embrace with the Bad Boy Records owner. "Love u 4 LiFe Big Bro! HBD @diddy," she wrote in the caption.

Jennifer Lopez

In 1999, Diddy started dating Jennifer Lopez, whom he would go on to be with for two years before breaking up in 2001. In a later interview, Lopez blamed their split on Diddy's infidelity, noting that he was the first man to cheat on her. "I was in this relationship with Puff where I was totally crying, crazy, and going nuts, it really took my whole life in a tailspin. I never caught him [cheating] but I just knew. He'd say he was going to a club for a couple of hours and then never come back that night," she explained to Vibe (via US Weekly).

But while their split was seemingly ugly, however, Lopez and Diddy remained friendly, most notably reuniting at the 2018 "All I Have" Las Vegas residency party where they shared a hug. Though not much is known about the pair's friendship, they were back in the headlines in 2021 when the music executive shared a throwback photo of himself with the singer. While many interpreted Diddy's post as a dig at Lopez's new romance with now-husband Ben Affleck, the "I'll Be Missing You" rapper clarified his intentions in an interview with Vanity Fair. "It wasn't no trolling involved, that's just my friend. And I don't have nothing to say about her relationship or her life," he explained. 

Despite their alleged 'friendship' however, Lopez has been quiet since Diddy's legal woes began. Perhaps this is a one-sided friendship? Only time will tell.