Inside David Bromstad's Wildly Lavish Lifestyle Off-Camera

On "My Lottery Dream Home," David Bromstad is introducing his clients to a lavish lifestyle after hitting the jackpot. The HGTV star is the perfect person to guide his clients to their new lifestyle because he knows what it's like to strike it rich.

Bromstad burst onto the HGTV scene in 2006 with "Making of an HGTV Design Star" and quickly became a staple across the network's programs. However, it's "My Lottery Dream Home" that truly cemented his status as a fan-favorite designer. Speaking of his love of the show with Adwerx, Bromstad shared, "My favorite part from having my own show is that it's something different every day. I get to meet new, wonderful, fabulous people, and I'm completely blessed." He added, "I went from a starving artist to not so starving."

The television personality wasn't lying about how much his life has changed since making a name for himself. Between all the shows, brand promotions, and everything in between, Bromstad has brought in stacks of cash and has amassed a respectable net worth. As of July 2024, Bromstad is reportedly worth a cool $4 million, with an annual income of $500,000. Here's what we know about his wildly lavish off-camera lifestyle.

David Bromstad found his own incredible dream home

You may be wondering where David Bromstad lives when he's not on HGTV. Well, his place of residence is one of the many things that contribute to his lavish lifestyle.

Bromstad has had quite the journey finding his own dream home. After he moved to Orlando, Florida, the designer took his time finding the perfect house, which meant living in an apartment for nearly four years. The pandemic put everything into perspective for the HGTV star, who knew he needed something bigger. Eventually, in 2021, he landed on a five-bedroom, four-bathroom Tudor in Florida. The designer shelled out a hefty sum for the spacious home, with the final price tag hitting $975,000.

The beautiful home didn't need much work, but surely, the designer was going to add his own personal touches. He shared with HGTV, "Of course, I'm going to put my spin on it. It could have been brand new and I'm still going to tear some things down or paint things or, you know, do something structural." Bromstad admitted he doesn't see himself parting ways with the house, even if he may move in the future. With a near million-dollar price tag, we sure hope not!

David Bromstad has revved up an impressive car collection

David Bromstad has always had a fascination with cars, thanks in part to his dad. The HGTV star told Motor Trend, "My dad used to take us to car shows, boat shows, camper shows. We're a huge camping family. He always treated his cars with a ton of respect. He'd wash it every week, and he would always tell me, 'David, if you want your car to run better, you wash it.'" Over the years, Bromstad has had different vehicles, from a Toyota Celica to a Suzuki Samurai. However, his first taste of luxury with his cars came when he won "Design Star."

Bromstad was the first and only contestant to win a car on the show, scoring a 2006 Ford Mustang that he was obsessed with. He told Motor Trend, "I love it. I love the power. It's not very practical when gas prices are high, but sometimes it's nice not to be practical. It's my first brand-new car, ever in my whole life, so that was exciting for me." While it may have been his first new car, it wouldn't be his last.

According to Assets Magazine, the designer has a total of nine luxury cars under his belt, including a Porsche 911 and a Ferrari Roma. One car can cost thousands, but nine is sure to put a dent in Bromstad's paycheck.

Vacations are in David Bromstad's nature

One thing about David Bromstad is that he loves a good vacation when he's not working on "My Lottery Dream Home." The HGTV host's passport is surely filled with stamps considering how much he has shared his adventures around the world on social media.

In August 2023, Bromstad shared snaps on Instagram that showed him tackling one of his biggest fears while visiting Norway. The designer wrote, "2000 steps of pure terrifying exhilaration. This wasn't just a climb for me, this was something so much more...Conquering one of my greatest fears, heights, was not on my bucket list tbh but when I started the stairway of Reinenbringen I knew I was going to reach the top." And his vacations are not always about accomplishing his biggest feats — sometimes they're just about relaxing.

Bromstad posted several photos of his beautiful time in Mykonos, Greece, in August 2018. In one post, the television star shared a snap of the scenic landscape and was all smiles as he posed for golden hour. He captioned the moment, "Mykonos sunset love!" From Portugal to Amsterdam, the world has called Bromstad's name. 

David Bromstad proved he has expensive taste

You will never catch David Bromstad in any old outfit. Bromstad has had quite a transformation over the years, and that includes his wardrobe. The HGTV fan-favorite isn't afraid to make some bold moves with his clothing, and the pieces he chooses can be quite expensive.

In February 2021, the "My Lottery Dream Home" host sported a rainbow faux fur coat while in Ohio. He wrote on Instagram, "We all need a little rainbow bright in our lives! Happy Saturday my sweet loves. Love all your faces! No muppets were harmed in the making of this jacket." However, Bromstad forgot to mention the hefty price of the colorful jacket. According to the Spirithoods website, the fuzzy item worn by the HGTV star was worth $429 before taxes.

It seems like Bromstad may have a thing for expensive, funky jackets. One Instagram post showed the HGTV rocking a leopard coat that was from the same Spirithoods brand. Although a bit cheaper than the colorful coat, it still costs a pretty penny, coming in at $299 before taxes. Clearly, Bromstad is not one to skip out on a good coat, even if it may be a bit on the pricey side.

David Bromstad flaunts his cash with Disney obsession

Leaving his job at Disney didn't deter David Bromstad from embracing his inner Disney adult. Regular park visits, scooping up the merch, and indulging in the themed treats all come with a hefty price tag, but that hasn't slowed him down. In 2017, the HGTV star took a trip to Disney World in Florida and was thrilled to be at the happiest place on Earth. He shared on Instagram, "I had the best time @disneymagickindoms today!!! It was so great to catch up with one of my fav places on the planet." Now, if you're wondering, an average ticket to the theme park in 2017 cost $115 – not cheap by any means.

Bromstad has taken his Disney obsession beyond the theme parks, sporting several tattoos that pay homage to Disney. In 2018, he posted an update to his Disney tats, writing, "First round of Mickey Mouse tatts are down! 7 hours of pure pain has turned into a lifetime of smiles!" The tattoo was a big Mickey Mouse face, accompanied by smaller versions of the character on the sides. The tattoo took up the majority of his bicep, and as many know, the bigger the tattoo, the bigger the price tag.

Bromstad can't get enough of the Disney universe, visiting the theme park multiple times in 2018. You can't keep him from the park or anything Disney-related, and he will spend a buck or two to feel that Disney magic.