Weird Things About Brittany Mahomes & Taylor Swift's Friendship

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes first sparked friendship rumors in late 2023, but that's not to say their bond has gone uncontested. Just the reverse, many have been quick to point out things that could put a dampener on the unexpected pairing, from not-so-complimentary past comments to rumors about the friendship being used for clout. 

That people have been determined to pinpoint the reasons Swift and Mahomes shouldn't be friends isn't exactly surprising. After all, their touchdown handshake had many seeing red. That said, it doesn't exactly take a hater to see why Brittany's appearance in Kim Kardashian's Skims holiday campaign raised eyebrows. Taking to the comments section of Mahomes' Instagram post sharing the campaign, one wrote, "Promoting skims while being friends with Taylor doesn't sit right with me." Others shared similar sentiments, with another Instagram user making things more personal. "@taylorswift you see this?" they quipped.

On top of that, Mahomes' previous posts had been of a girls' night with Swift. Can we say yikes? For the record, neither Swift nor Mahomes spoke about the situation, and it's possible the campaign had been shot months before the women became friends. Even so, "thanK you aIMee" proved Swift wasn't over her beef with Kardashian, so we wouldn't be shocked if she'd felt some type of way about it, at least at first. 

Unearthed posts showed Brittany wasn't always a Swiftie

Mere days after the Skims situation, Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift's friendship was rocked yet again. This time, people had unearthed some of Mahomes' old X, formerly Twitter, posts. Said posts were — let's just say, not exactly complimentary about Swift. 

In addition to one post complaining about Swift winning big at the 2013 AMAs, another saw Mahomes join the Swift hate train, accusing her of writing too many songs about former flames. "Taylor Swift.. I wanna know when your [sic] gonna find something different to write about besides boys and relationships," she wrote (via @riristea). Unsurprisingly, the old posts were taken down soon after. 

It does bear mentioning that at the time of Mahomes' posts, she was still a teenager. In fact, the spicier of the two was posted when Mahomes was just 16 years old. Speaking to Life & Style, one source claimed that Mahomes had pointed that out to Swift in the wake of all the backlash. "Brittany explained to Taylor that she was just a stupid teenager and how sorry she was," the insider said. As for Swift, the source added that the singer "was very understanding and decided to just let bygones be bygones." Honestly, they didn't even know each other personally at the time, so it would have been weird if this had turned into anything. 

Brittany backed her brother-in-law (and Swifties are mad)

Another reason why Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift's friendship has been side-eyed is because of the former's defense of her brother-in-law, Jackson Mahomes. As many will know, Jackson was accused of assaulting a Kansas restaurateur in March 2023. Charges against him were ultimately dropped, as the survivor refused to testify against him (reportedly because she'd received death threats and even ended up closing her restaurant later that year). However, he was placed on six months of probation in March 2024. 

In light of all that, it's not exactly surprising that when Swift was spotted hanging out with Jackson at a Kansas City Chiefs game, Swifties were outraged. After all, she's a huge advocate for assault survivors and famously sued David Mueller for groping her in 2013. However, closer attention was also paid to the singer's closeness to Brittany. We'll be clear: Brittany is not responsible for the actions of her brother-in-law, nor should she be. That said, she does have a history of defending Jackson.

It is worth noting that Brittany hasn't expressly mentioned the sexual assault case against Jackson, so perhaps her April 2023 Instagram Story clapping back at his critics (and telling them they had no right to speak on him) was a generalized statement. Nevertheless, it is a serious situation, and we're not shocked Swifties feel strongly about her proximity to it. 

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

The friendship saw one of Brittany's friends distance herself

Another thing that's prompted questions about the friendship between Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes is that it seems to have isolated one of the latter's former besties. That would be Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce's ex-girlfriend

Nicole and Mahomes became incredibly close during her years-long on-and-off relationship with Travis Kelce. That manifested in Nicole tagging along when Mahomes picked out her wedding dress — and even after she and Travis parted ways for good, they continued following one another on Instagram. However, that all changed after Mahomes shared pics from her girls night with Swift and her crew. Nicole unfollowed the WAG, as well as her husband, and suffice it to say, people noticed. So much so, in fact, that Nicole ended up addressing the situation head-on with People. "Because things are happening so quickly and so publicly, I have to protect myself. That's really all it is," she told the outlet. She also added that there was no beef other than that. "The love is still there," she said. 

Tbh, we get Nicole's reasoning. Most people wouldn't love seeing pics of their friends hanging out with their ex's new flame, and that's without the new flame in question being a global superstar. Plus, given how tight Kelce is with Mahomes' husband, it was almost inevitable that when he started seeing someone else, the friendship would peter out. Even so, we're glad to know there's no, ahem, bad blood (we had to). 

Brittany has been accused of using Taylor for fame

Friend drama, old tweets, and in-laws aside, another reason many have questioned Taylor Swift's friendship with Brittany Mahomes stems from rumors that the latter is using the star to boost her public persona. Said rumor stemmed partially from an unnamed source who rubbished the idea that Swift and Mahomes were actually close to the Daily Mail. "She has tried so hard to insert herself into Swift's circle. She has wanted to be relevant for so long and finally found her in," they claimed. To be honest, it could have been that she simply didn't know Swift prior to her relationship with Travis Kelce, but we digress. 

Others have also suggested that Mahomes is capitalizing on her friendship with Swift through her more recent outfit choices. Case in point: her super-sparkly, borderline copycat dress worn to the 2024 Super Bowl ring ceremony. There's no denying that it was Swift-inspired. But then again, perhaps she was just influenced by her new friend?

Despite the quirky aspects of the friendship between Swift and Mahomes', all signs suggest they're growing even closer. Good for them for tuning out the haters. We are rooting for their happiness!