The Messiest Part Of Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck's Divorce

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's divorce hit fans hard. Girl-next-door Garner and writer-actor Affleck appeared to have a storybook romance, but the couple separated in 2015 after 10 years of marriage, and the divorce became final in 2018. Divorces are always hard, but what was the messiest part of Garner and Affleck's divorce?

While the couple was separated, Affleck had an affair with the nanny of their three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. The celebrity couple's divorce was reportedly due to Affleck's drinking and his an alleged wandering eye. But the couple also had disagreements about Affleck's friends and the pressures associated with their careers.

In February 2020, Affleck gave an eye-opening interview, talking about his struggles with addiction and his divorce from Garner. The Argo star told The New York Times, "The biggest regret of my life is this divorce."

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A divorce expert says the worst part of divorce is harm to the children

Divorce attorney Peter Walzer spoke with Nicki Swift about the messiest part of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's divorce. The Los Angeles divorce expert said, "The worst part of a public divorce is the harm to the children."

Walzer told Nicki Swift that children involved in celebrity divorces face unique challenges that can make the situation more painful. Walzer noted, "When the parents are celebrities...their children suffer...They suffer when they read about it in the press, or their classmates tease them, or they overhear gossip."

Embarrassing or hurtful incidents in a celebrity family often make headlines. Walzer gave an example from the Affleck family from October 2020, saying, "TMZ captured Affleck in a state of inebriation following a Halloween party. Later, he called the incident a 'slip.'" The Los Angeles divorce attorney said that celebrity kids have to see their parents' divorce in the news and their social media feeds, making divorce even more traumatic. 

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Jennifer Garner's efforts to take the 'high road' helped her divorce from Ben Affleck

Like all divorces, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's split had its messy side. But divorce attorney Peter Walzer tells Nicki Swift that Garner's desire to take the "high road" is a good example for parents. The Los Angeles divorce expert believes that the 13 Going On 30 actor was right when she told Vanity Fair in 2016, "People have pain — they do regrettable things, they feel shame, and shame equals pain. No one needs to hate him for me. I don't hate him. Certainly, we don't have to beat the guy up."

Walzer notes that Affleck has seemingly learned from his mistakes and admitted his transgressions. Affleck told The New York Times, "I have certainly made mistakes. I have certainly done things that I regret. But you've got to pick yourself up, learn from it, learn some more, try to move forward."

The Good Will Hunting actor appears to be grateful for his ex-wife's philosophy about their divorce. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's divorce is a success story

Divorce expert Peter Walzer tells Nicki Swift that Ben Affleck's public statements about Jennifer Garner show the respect the actor has for his ex-wife. Walzer highlighted an appearance Affleck made on Good Morning America in 2020, where he said to Garner, "What I want to say publicly and privately is, 'Thank you. Thank you for being thoughtful, considerate, responsible, and a great mom and person.'"

Walzer says one of the most damaging ways parents harm their kids during a divorce is to "voluntarily make their children part of the divorce process" because then their children often suffer. Walzer continued, "The ultimate suffering is when their parents force them to choose which parent they like more than the other."

According to Walzer, the Affleck/Garner divorce is a positive example of good co-parenting to their three children. He tells Nicki Swift, "While no divorce has a happy ending — at least a far as the children are concerned — the fact that Affleck and Garner have stayed out of the news and have been co-parenting their children is a success story."