The Truth About Maggie Wheeler's Marriage

When you think of the "Friends" cast, it's not uncommon for your mind to go straight to the iconic frontrunners like Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and more. But if you're a longtime fan of the legendary sitcom series, then it's likely you remember Janice, who appeared throughout the show's entire 10 seasons.

Janice was played by beloved actor Maggie Wheeler. Aside from "Friends," Wheeler has earned acting credits in "The Parent Trap," "Barbie of Swan Lake," "Ellen," "Everybody Loves Raymond," and many others. Per IMDb, her latest gig was in 2019's "The Addams Family," as she was cast as the voice of Trudy Pickering.

Wheeler is also set to guest star in the upcoming "Friends" reunion. At the time the premiere date — May 27 — was announced, the brunette beauty revealed how thrilled she was to be cast in the highly anticipated reboot. "Well worth the wait!" Wheeler penned alongside a screenshot of the "Friends" official Instagram account on May 13.

Days later, Wheeler reposted a photo from HBO Max, which listed the number of notable guest stars that will appear on the reunion. Wheeler was included in the list, along with Cindy Crawford, Tom Selleck, James Corden, David Beckham, and more than a dozen others. 

But acting isn't the only thing keeping Wheeler busy these days. The "New Year's Day" alum is in a happy relationship with her husband, Daniel Borden Wheeler, and she's the loving mom of their two kids. To learn more about Wheeler's marriage, keep scrolling! 

Maggie Wheeler and Daniel Borden Wheeler have a 'magical' marriage

Years before Maggie Wheeler found her claim to fame as Janice on "Friends," she was snagging roles in films and series throughout the late '80s and '90s. The "New Show" alum was also succeeding in her personal life, having found love with fellow actor Daniel Borden Wheeler. The couple married in 1990 during a romantic wedding ceremony at Mattei's Tavern in Los Olivos, California, according to AmoMama.

Following their nuptials, Maggie and Daniel started a family and welcomed their two kids, Gemma Wheeler and Juno Wheeler. Though they've remained fairly tight-lipped about their romance over the years, the "Shameless" actor and Daniel have maintained their unbreakable bond over the course of the last 30 years.

It seems Maggie and Daniel's incredible romance has had a lasting impact on their kids — especially Juno, who has publicly praised her mom and dad for being an inspiration. "FULL of gratitude for these two people," Juno wrote alongside a snapshot of her parents on her now-private Instagram account (via AmoMama). "My parents, who have spent almost 30 years cultivating the most honest, open, beautiful love I've ever seen."

Juno, who is a Master's Degree student at New York University's Silver School of Social Work, per her Instagram bio, has shared other tributes for other occasions as well. "Happy 29th anniversary to the magical people who made me," she gushed in 2019 (via AmoMama). What a couple to look up to!