Sandra Bullock's Tribute To Betty White Has Everyone Absolutely Heartbroken

All of Hollywood is weighing in on the death of legendary actor Betty White, after the star's sudden passing on New Year's Eve.

White died in her sleep in her Los Angeles home just weeks before celebrating her 100th birthday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The legend was most commonly known for her roles in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "The Golden Girls," and "Hot in Cleveland." The star's agent, Jeff Witjas, opened up to People about his friend's death, telling the outlet that "even though Betty was about to be 100, I thought she would live forever."

Witjas continued, "I will miss her terribly and so will the animal world that she loved so much. I don't think Betty ever feared passing because she always wanted to be with her most beloved husband Allen Ludden. She believed she would be with him again." As fans mourn the tragic news and celebrate White's legacy, some past co-stars are sharing how they're coping, including Academy Award-winning actor Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock reveals how she's coping with Betty White's death

Betty White's long list of accomplishments isn't just due to her multiple Emmy Awards and over 70 years in Hollywood; it's the impact she's had on co-stars along the way. Back in 2009, White starred alongside Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in "The Proposal," and the three built an unbreakable bond off-camera. "I don't drink vodka ... but I will tonight, on ice, with a slice of lemon with a hot dog on the other side and just be okay being sad," Bullock revealed to People upon hearing the news of White's death. "I'll have to buy some rose-colored glasses because Betty was that for all of us."

Bullock previously sang White's praises in anticipation of the "Golden Girls" star's 100th birthday. "Timing isn't easy in comedy, because you have to navigate other people's timing," Bullock said. "Betty pivots like I have never seen, making it look seamless." The relationship between Bullock, White, and Reynolds became clear back in 2020, when Bullock and Reynolds took to Instagram to wish their friend a Happy Birthday and compete for who loves the legendary actor more. "Happy birthday from Sandy, who loves you more than Ryan," sang "The Blind Side" star.

Back in 2010, White's comedic timing came to life when she accepted the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award and chose to use the moment to joke about her friend Bullock. "Isn't it heartening to see how far a girl as plain as she is can go?" said the star, as Bullock laughed by her side.

Inside Betty White's close friendship with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

Betty White shared a special friendship with "The Proposal" co-stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The 2009 film was a huge hit and began the strong bond among White, Bullock, and Reynolds. For White's 99th birthday, Reynolds shared a throwback video of a skit "The Proposal" co-stars made in 2009, and it's hilarious. The video captures the three actors' fun friendship. White is sweet to Bullock, calling her "America's Sweetheart," while scolding Reynolds for being a "bad assistant." Reynolds posted the video on his YouTube channel with the message, "We made this 12 years ago. Betty White may be turning 99 today, but she is 100% the funniest person on the planet. #HappyBirthdayBetty."

The 99-year-old actor helped and mentored her "Proposal" co-stars. White's friendship with Reynolds led to the iconic actor helping promote "Deadpool," lending her humor to make the 2016 Marvel movie a huge hit. A source told Closer Weekly that White and Bullock shared a friendship that helped "The Blind Side" star navigate her career. "She's taught Sandra a lot about comedy, timing, and staying in power in the business," the insider told Closer Weekly. "Betty's been in the game from the beginning, and as Sandra says, she's still 'kicking it.'"

Betty White was the heart of The Proposal

Betty White was the heart of 2009's "The Proposal," and White left the cast in tears when she finished filming. According to Fame 10, Sandra Bullock said the "Golden Girls" star got a standing ovation on her last day! "Grown grips with ZZ Top beards crying because Betty is leaving," Bullock explained. "Betty turns around and says, 'I want everyone to know that this is the most fun I've ever had on a film set.' Everyone was crying."

White's impact on the movie cemented the friendship with herself, Bullock, and Reynolds for the rest of her life. Reynolds and Bullock didn't just check in with White on major milestone birthdays. "The Proposal" co-stars got together for dinners, too. While many fans knew about the public teasing between White and her "Proposal" co-stars, it's clear from Bullock and Reynolds' tributes to the 99-year-old icon that the three actors shared a close friendship.