14 Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Engagement Rings

There are some celebrity proposals that you simply might not know about and others that sparked countless headlines from the media, as well as excited buzz from adoring fans. Although various romantic details about the special moments tend to leave the public intrigued — from where the proposals happened to what the pairs were wearing — plenty of people specifically want to know every single tidbit of info about the engagement rings. Is it traditional or unique? How big is it? How much did it cost?!

"As much as people say size isn't important, it's always the kicking-off point, because color and clarity can always be tweaked to find something within your budget," Jaclyne Kirkorian of New York's Jupiter Jewelry explained to Brides. Of course, when you're a famous and successful figure, that budget tends to be an amount that others couldn't possibly imagine spending which means that stars can often afford to purchase some truly extraordinary rings.

Indeed, while some famous folks have only been engaged once and other celebrities have been engaged multiple times, each proposal came along with a stunning ring, including these jaw-dropping examples.

1. Hilary Duff flashed a smile and her engagement ring

"He asked me to be his wife," Hilary Duff wrote on Instagram after getting engaged to Matthew Koma. In the photo, she could be seen flashing her engagement ring, which appears to be around four carats and would cost in the range of $100,000, according to diamond experts who spoke to Insider.

2. Machine Gun Kelly gave Megan Fox a painful ring

When Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox, he gave her a unique engagement ring that has two large pear-shaped stones — a diamond and emerald — which suits the couple who believe they are "twins flames." Of course, MGK made headlines when he said the ring can hurt when taken off, which is definitely unusual.

3. Kourtney Kardashian's engagement ring is 'flawless'

You may have noticed Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have a lot in common with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, including the fact that both pairs decided that eventual marriage was the right move for their relationships. When Kourtney and Travis got engaged in October 2021, he gave her a "flawless" diamond ring.

4. Alex Rodriguez gave Jennifer Lopez a 5-carat stunner

Jennifer Lopez has been engaged five times — to Ojani Noa, Chris Judd, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, and Alex Rodriguez — and when A-Rod proposed, he did so with a 5-carat emerald-cut diamond ring. Worth $1.4 million, per Us Weekly, their relationship may not have been meant to last, but the ring was certainly memorable.

5. Katy Perry's engagement ring has a special meaning

When Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom revealed they were engaged in February, she posted a pic of the pair on Instagram along with the caption, "Full bloom." Obviously, referring to his last name, it also suited the flower-like design of her gorgeous ring. Fittingly, the couple ended up naming their daughter after a flower.

6. Ryan Reynolds gave Blake Lively a gorgeous engagement ring

While Blake Lively showed off her nails on Instagram in August 2021, her followers also got a glimpse of her stunning engagement ring that boasts an oval diamond and jewels on the band. A token from her husband and fellow star Ryan Reynolds, it's a trinket that's around 12 carats and worth about $2 million.

7. Serena Williams has a massive sparkler to show off

Top athlete Serena Williams and her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, have both led incredibly impressive careers. That's why it shouldn't be surprising that he proposed with an equally impressive engagement ring that is estimated to be 12 carats and would put you back approximately $2 million, according to PureWow.

8. Ciara's engagement ring from Russell Wilson is 'intricate'

Singer Ciara received an "intricate design[ed]" ring with 15 carats of brilliant diamonds when she got engaged to professional football player Russell Wilson in March 2016. While the jeweler put the cost at half a million dollars, per People, many others, including The Knot, value it closer to $2 million.

9. Nick Cannon gave Mariah Carey a ring with over 60 diamonds

Mariah Carey has received a few different engagement rings, per Worthy, including the 17-carat diamond ring from her now-ex Nick Cannon. Featuring a pink diamond in the center and a pair of half-moon diamonds, the ring also had 58 additional pink diamonds in the $2.5 million design.

10. Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka disagreed over her engagement ring

Paris Hilton has had four engagement rings, including the massive 20-carat pear-shaped ring Chris Zylka gave her when he proposed in January 2018. Worth $2 million (although it came free of charge), per Page Six, he apparently wanted it back after they broke up later that year, however, Hilton claimed she kept it.

11. Paris Hilton's engagement ring from Carter Reum is massive

Despite having had other engagement rings in the past, the one Paris Hilton was given by Carter Reum is definitely special — and huge! During an appearance on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," Hilton showed off her ring that was "inspired by the Grand Palais in Paris," which is why "it's called The Paris."

12. Kim Kardashian's engagement ring was stolen

Kim Kardashian's engagement ring from Kanye "Ye" West is famous for a few reasons. First, it made headlines due to the fact that he first gave her a 15-carat engagement ring in 2013 before upgrading in 2016, according to Life & Style. The ring also made headlines when it got stolen when she was robbed in Paris.

13. Kate Middleton got Princess Diana's sapphire ring

You may remember that Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement in November 2010. The major step in their royal relationship involved William giving Kate a ring that once belonged to his mother, Princess Diana, and features 14 diamonds as well as a stunning 12-carat oval sapphire, according to Brides.

14. Meghan Markle also got Princess Diana's jewels

The ring Prince William gave to Kate Middleton was actually given to William by Prince Harry who had inherited it from Princess Diana. When Harry proposed to Meghan Markle in Botswana, he had a ring made with a diamond he had picked up in that area along with stones that had belonged to Diana.

So many eye-catching jewels, so little time! Lucky celebs...