Body Language Expert Reveals Telling Sign About Kate And Camilla's Relationship

While some strange aspects about Prince Charles and Camilla's marriage continue to captivate the public and fuel gossip, Camilla Parker Bowles' popularity is finally taking a turn for the better — and she has Queen Elizabeth to thank. Back in February, the monarch solidified the Duchess of Cornwall's future role as queen when she proclaimed, per The Guardian, that it is her "sincere wish" that Camilla "be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service" once Prince Charles is crowned king. Following the announcement, Daily Mail conducted a poll to see how everyday folks felt about the decision and found that an impressive 55% of Britons were in favor of it, while only 28% were against it.

With such a promising figure, Camilla has been working hard to live up to public expectations. While she's still grappling with long-term COVID-19 side effects, the future queen consort has been fulfilling her duties without fault, including stepping up to her latest appointment as Patron of the British Forces Broadcasting Service. She's also been showing off a lighter side and her sense of humor, like when she met the actor who plays her in "The Crown" and had the best reaction to facing her alter ego. But it's not just the public that appears to be warming up to and embracing Camilla. Other members of the royal family are also rallying around her in a very public way.

The truth about Kate and Camilla's relationship

On March 14, royals gathered at Westminster Abbey for a special service marking Commonwealth Day, an annual celebration observed by people across the Commonwealth's 54 member countries, which span "Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas, the Pacific and Europe." All eyes were on the senior royals as they arrived and Queen Elizabeth was visibly absent as she was forced to miss the important event for the first time in a decade due to unspecified reasons. Instead, she was represented by Prince Charles. Also present were Camilla, Prince William, and Kate Middleton. The foursome greeted each other warmly before walking down the aisle together and cameras caught them kissing each other's cheeks and sharing a few words and smiles.

Body language expert Judi James analyzed the moment for Mirror and deduced some telling clues about Kate and Camilla's relationship. For one, she believes that Kate putting her arm on her stepmother-in-law's shoulder as she planted a kiss on her cheek was an "add-on gesture" meant to "suggest closeness and affection." What's more, the fact that Kate visibly crouched down to reach Camilla's height was also telling. According to James, Kate "performed a huge act of inconvenience to show respect, bending her knees to lower herself right down to plant her kiss on Camilla's cheeks." These seemingly trivial gestures were meant to have a big impact, said James, namely showing Camilla and "the rest of the world" that Kate is "keen to register affection and closeness with the woman who will be on the throne before her."